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Chapter 10 being uploaded

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As I've mentioned, this story is available fully on SOL if you can't wait, and also on Bookapy. I'm cross posting it here because there are readers of this site who look for Sci-Fi.

And from the response that I've gotten over the course of posting it on SOL, apparently my take on this story could play out is pretty decent. And just in case anyone wonders - I started playing with this idea back in 2016, but first wrote Legacy of a Legend (a Skyrim story that needs redone) and Love Never Changes (a Fallout 4 story that needs a quick re-edit, and then I'll post that one here, too). I think the delay in posting and writing made this a better story, because my writing skills improved.

Which means, no, I was NOT inspired by Homelander from 'The Boys'.