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Chapter 7 in the queue for Sunday

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We now return to our regularly scheduled posting

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Chapter 6 is in the queue for Sunday, and then Chapter 7 will be two week after that. Thank you.

Happy New Year

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As a one time thing - and don't bother whining, begging, or otherwise pestering me (I am, of course, open to large financial donations) I am posting a bonus chapter for New Year's Day. I WILL post next week, and then we'll go back to every other weekend.

Merry Christmas

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Chapter 4 is in the queue for Sunday. Me? I'm staying home today. 3 degrees with wind chill of -22. Supposed to be 64 by next Thursday. I love winter in the south. :)

Happy Birthday, Chapter 3 queued for Sunday

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That's Happy Birthday to me, on Saturday. In times past, for holidays, I would post a bonus chapter. Not this time - I'm still only on Chapter 19 for writing this. It may not be so, but I at least feel like this book has required more research time than the other four combined. Well, enjoy and the good news is, this chapter doesn't end in a cliffhanger! Next one? Well, sure!