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I've started posting a rewrite of Legacy of a Legend. It's a Skyrim fan-fiction, with modifications to the game that Bethesda didn't allow. It's never been posted here, only on SOL. I went through it, corrected a lot of errors, and in my opinion, it reads better. 74 chapters plus prologue total, I'll post one or two every day, until complete. Hopefully this will tide you over until I finish with Book 5 of A True History. (Working on it, seriously! Sometime between Halloween and Christmas!)

Chapter 30 brings Book Four to a close

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The Home Depot and Lowes nearby are running a special on torches and pitchforks, so you be properly equipped for storming my house. Also, if you're going to scream loudly, do it at noon, so it'll be hidden by the weekly tornado siren tests.

In all seriousness, this has been a blast, and I'll get Book Five out as soon as I can, but not before it's ready.

Chapter 29 scheduled for Saturday

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Have a great weekend - and be ready for NEXT weekend with tears, pitchforks, and torches!

Take some time Monday

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Remember those who have given the full measure of sacrifice for freedom.

Chapter 25 up for Saturday

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