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Chapter 30 for Sunday

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This brings Book Three to a close. Book Four should start posting around Thanksgiving - at least, that's my goal. I have eight chapters complete, working on number nine. As a full-time realtor, I'm an independent contractor, so I work my own hours. But that also means when I'm working with a client, I'm liable to spend an entire day showing properties. I also will NOT start posting until I have at LEAST a 15 chapter buffer built up, because Book Four is harder to write due to the sheer number of internal and external references I have to continually check, for plot consistency.

If you're wondering why Sunday and not Saturday ... stories post at approximately 8 AM EST. On the twentieth anniversary of 9/11/01, that seemed to me to be rather disrespectful.

End the fighting. Destroy the bad drugs. Live in peace.

Chapter 29 in queue - BUT ...

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I've uploaded Chapter 29 like normal, for this Saturday. However, when I upload Chapter 30 - which is the last chapter of Book Three - it will not be for posting until Sunday, instead of Saturday, 9/11/21. I don't think I have to explain that any further, do I? Thank you for reading.

Goal reached so you get a reward

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Due to the way SciFi-Stories is set up, to qualify for one of the top stories on the site, a story has to get 100 votes. That's why the list of the 50 Top Long Stories on this site only has 8 stories on it - not that many votes. As my appreciation for ATH Book Two finally hitting 100 votes - and I freely admit I asked you to do so - I am posting Chapters 27 & 28 for this Saturday.

WARNING - Chapter 28 has something I haven't put out in a while - some rather adult sex. You can easily scroll past it, and that section is designed to be edited out if I ever need to. All things considered, though, I pretty much felt like I had to include it. (Okay, I didn't have to, but I wanted to.)

Getting closer

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Chapter 26 is in the queue for Saturday morning. For those of you reading this here, thank you and feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

I'm actually a little confused about something. Book One shows 11,000 downloads. Book Two shows 9400 downloads. Yet so far, Book Three shows 12,400 downloads. Of course, that's here on SFStories. The three books have hit well over a million downloads combined on SOL.

Reposting updated Book Two, Chapter 25 in queue

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Courtesy of the minor detail that errors did creep in (mostly because of homophones, but other minor details), I have completely reposted A True History Book Two. It should show up on here later. In addition, if you got the Bookapy version of either it, or Book One, both of those have been completely updated to hopefully eliminate all of the errors.

I'm going to ask one thing about Book Two - could maybe 7 more of you vote for it? To qualify for the top list, stories have to have 100 votes. As of this morning, it has 93.

Chapter 25 is uploaded for Saturday morning posting like usual.