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Chapter 12 for Saturday

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Chapter 12 is in the queue for Saturday. I'm rather proud of this chapter. It feels... real... to me, if that makes any sense, considering I'm the one that wrote it. Let me know what you think!

Minor Chapter 10 error

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I had uploaded a correction for Chapter 11, and accidently told the moderators that it was Chapter 10. My bad, Chapter 10 is being uploaded again.

Spanking time

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This chapter has one of my personal favorite lines.

“So far today, young Prince, you have shown your ass to your family, and to me. Right now you are still showing your ass, with red marks on it after hopefully learning a lesson.”

Chapter 10 up for Saturday

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Thank you for reading, and I appreciate your comments.

Chapter 9 uploaded

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Just checked - no cliffhangers at the end of this one! Enjoy, and let me know via comments or email if you have any questions!