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I have the last three chapters of Book Two in the queue, with Chapter 30 set for Saturday morning. There will be a Book Three, my fat fingers are working on it as fast as I can. I appreciate all of you that have read this and downloaded it. Please feel free to vote for it, and send me emails or comments. That's how we know how good (or bad) of a job we're doing.

I'll make the occasional blog post here as an update on how Book Three is doing. Until then, I remain, your servant - Starfleet Carl

This week in the queue

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The next four chapters are set for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That will put it ending here next weekend.

Have a Happy New Year

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After all, 2020 FINALLY comes to an end this week. I have chapters submitted for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday, so you've plenty of reading for this week. Thank you all and be safe!

Merry Christmas

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The next three chapters of Book Two are in the queue for this week. Have a great holiday, and be safe.

Real Science, not fiction

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First, the next three chapters are queued up for this week. Second, I'm now the recipient of real science, and not fiction. I have red-green color blindness. For my birthday, my son got me a pair of Enchroma glasses. In natural light, I was totally shocked to find that they really work. Today is the first time I've ever seen the green shade of a traffic light - they've always been white to me. Welcome to real science!