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February Update

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I happened to notice that the chapter released today for my second book is about the middle of the story (size or words wise) if you group all three books. If you are enjoying John's tale so far then you have about as much remaining as you have already read.

What does that mean? Nothing really. The good news is I wrapped up writing on book three a month ago and its now in the final stages of proof reading and corrections. That means that book three will be available on schedule in early March. That also means the story is complete and the ending is set so you don't have to worry about it being incomplete or going inactive.

I've read back over the overall story a few times but for the past few months my focus has been on book three. I thought it turned out pretty well when I turned it over to the proofers. The responses I have gotten back have been really good and I am excited to release it.

Thanks for following my story. Thanks for the comments, criticisms and praise. Thanks for your support on Bookapy.