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A Day In The Park

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Today was a hot, sunny day. We took our grandkids to the park, where they played in a swimming pool.

I sat in a chair, under the shade of a tree nearby, with a notebook and pen, and while they played I choreographed a space battle. On one side, the Baglogi vessel and a host of cloaked probes. On the other side, three Gober vessels.

My grandkids were unaware of the awesome forces that were doing battle while they swam and splashed about the pool. When they'd enough swimming, they didn't ask about casualties. They just wanted a towel and their snacks.

The parents collected their kids and are long gone. I'm still working out the details of the battle. It has to be believable, and not too easy. Our heroes will probably prevail, but at what cost?

Stay tuned for more updates.