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Story Ideas

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Thank you to all who read my stories.

Do you read the Star Guardian series, and wonder to yourself "What if this happened..."?

After the last few years, they've had battles, escaped black holes, travelled back in time, and invented countless new devices. Somehow they always find time for a good cup of coffee along the way.

I'm humble enough to admit that I can't come up with all the cool ideas, but perhaps you have something to contribute.

I'm looking for some whizzbang ideas for upcoming adventures, and perhaps you have some suggestions of amazing scrapes they can get into or out of. Maybe something silly, or some further character development.

Send me a private message with your ideas. I can't guarantee to include them all in an upcoming chapter, but I'll review every one, and it may inspire something totally awesome.

I'd like to make this creation even more than I could dream possible, and with your help, perhaps I can.

Thank you.