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Welcome Aboard The Sunrunner

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Hey all!

I offer a warm welcome to my blog. I thought I would give you a little background on the Sunrunner story that went up on June 30th.

Sunrunner was originally designed as a homebrew D&D campaign for a few close friends. My playgroup was supportive about taking a break from high fantasy and trying something new. The support quickly morphed into enthusiasm when they started dipping their toes into the uncharted waters. I found that enthusiasm quite infectious.

The more the universe and its history were developed, the more I wanted to dive in and tell a story about it. I started writing about the universe and the adventure with the goal of telling an engaging story while fleshing out the cultures and history of the galaxy. Hopefully the story is on its way to accomplishing that.

The plan is to update the story every few weeks, work and family permitting. Thank you all for reading!