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En Route To Levisia

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Chapter seven has been released from its cage and is already prowling the internet. I had a lot of fun with this chapter. Often, there are points in a chapter when I need to stop writing and do something else: work, walk, chores, whatever. The mental block requires time to clear. Then there are chapters like this that gush onto the pages.

Sunrunner covers several genres, so it's important to hit the notes of science fiction, fantasy, and horror frequently. That said, the story is ultimately driven by the characters. They need to experience the world on behalf of the reader. So when they have been through hell, I need to demonstrate that trauma. Preferably in a way that hits one or more of the aforementioned genre notes. Chapter seven is an attempt to hammer on the horror.

I hope you enjoy the multiple perspectives in this story. They were all fun to write. We finally get a Jim section too! All that leaves is Sturdy. We'll get to him soon.

P.S. Do any site aficionados know how to keep a scene break past the "Click to load text" button? The scene break line between Jim and Odybrix doesn't show up.