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Sorry for the delay

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Hey all, sorry for the delay on Chapter 28. Spent the weekend with family and applying for jobs. Yesterday I had a nice meal and visit with my Mom. At one point I got to show her all the comments and messages from those of you who knew my Dad or were fan's of his stories. She asked me to tell you all, Thank you for your kind words and sympathies. They really meant a lot to her and I'm glad I got to share them. You all are a great community and I can see why my Dad was so engaged here for so many years.

I look forward to exploring some of your own stories. If you have any suggestions for me to check out, I'm a big fan of Time Travel, Alternate Histories, and works similar to those of Heinlein, Asimov, S.M. Stirling, Eric Flint, etc. Thanks again for your patience and I hope you like the newest chapter.

-The Firedrake