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The Atlantean Federation

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Chapter 29

As they made their way along the rainbow path, staying high to avoid the tiny boat ships, Annabelle gave them all a quick review of what she had said earlier. “Midgard was the world of humans. Helheim was called the world of the dead. Jotunheim was the world of the frost giants. Alfheim was the world of elves. Nidavellir, which I think they also called Svartalfheim, was the world of dwarves, and I think they mostly lived underground. Nilfheim was a world of ice, and Muspelheim was a world of fire and lava. Then, of course, Asgard was the world of the Aesir, the gods, and Vanaheim was the world of the Vanir, similar to the Aesir, but their gods had differing opinions on many things and they often warred. Eventually Freya of the Vanir married Odin of the Aesir and brought peace between the two worlds.”

Mark said, “Gods—don’t get me started with gods.”

Annabelle pointed at Mark and sternly stated, “No holy wars! Just meet and greet.”

Ra’ki said, “I’m not a fan of ice, fire or lava, but the rest sound OK. The frost giants sound ominous, but I’m willing to give them a chance.”

Junga said, “Jotunheim, Muspelheim and Nilfheim are not nice places. Extreme environments and sparsely populated.”

Rayven added, “I’d be interested to see the dwarves and what they’ve built underground. I’d like to compare it with what we did on Atria.”

Annabelle said, “The dwarves were supposedly great craftsmen and metalworkers who lived in majestic cities they built inside mountains. I think they were the ones that created Mjölnir, aka Thor’s hammer, and some of the other weapons of the gods.” She air quoted gods when she said it for Mark’s benefit.

It was a quick trip to Asgard, roughly fifteen centons.

They were instantly hailed from the surface as they revealed the Galatea while settling into orbit.

A man with long, blonde hair, striking green eyes, and many tattoos appeared on the screen. “Unknown ship, identify yourselves and state your purpose.”

Mark said, “Greetings! We are from the Atlantean Federation. We recently signed an agreement with the Norn to protect these planets cooperatively, but since we’re new to this area, we were just introducing ourselves.”

The man looked around the screen. “You are human, and have many other species with you, including Norn and elves. Where are you from and what brought you to Asgard?”

“My wife and I are from Earth, the others are from Atlanterra, Silica, Savann, Atria, Braga, Tauron, Norsvund’ka and others. We went to Midgard, as that was the nearest planet to where we were. The Aesir ships we spoke to there said they were from Asgard, so we visited here first.”

The man studied everyone on the bridge, but eventually said, “Remain in orbit. I will relay your request and someone will get back to you. If you try to approach the planet, you will be destroyed.”

The call disconnected, and the group sat pondering the situation. Finally, Liyana said, “Wow, these guys don’t trust anyone. They’re pretty strict with their rules. Do they really think they can destroy us?”

Mark smiled, “Strict and arrogant, something tells me they aren’t our kind of people. In their defence, our TRDs don’t look like much of a weapon, but they are the most effective weapon we have. Their little ships are harmless enough, but planetary defences can be a different ballgame—I don’t really want to test their capabilities.”

Cricket said, “I do not detect any weapons on the planet that could be a threat or do planetary defence.”

After a brief pause, Mark said, “I don’t think you need to worry about me starting a holy war. In all honesty, I’m thinking we should skip Asgard and move on to the other habitable planets with or without their permission. It sounds like there’s three other planets besides Asgard that we could just skip.”

Luna asked, “I know what a dwarf is, but what is an elf?”

Annabelle smiled, “I think you and your sister might be elves. Pointy ears are a common feature of elves in Earth stories.”

With that newfound knowledge, Luna touched the tips of her ears and asked, “Could we visit the planet of elves? I wouldn’t mind seeing if I’m actually an elf.”

Cricket announced, “We’re being hailed again, but not from the same location.”

Mark told Cricket to answer the hail via his thoughts and they were soon looking at a very regal-looking man. “The constitution of your group confirms you are not from the nine realms and thus, have caught the interest of the Queen. You are permitted to land at the palace and she will meet with you in the great hall. Security will closely watch you while you are here. Can you follow our signal?”

Mark confirmed, “We have the coordinates for your signal. We shall see you soon. Thank you.”

With the call disconnected, the group made their way to the shuttle, deciding that only Maren, Mark, Liyana and Gyges were going to go for the initial meet and greet, but Maren was going to stay in the shuttle. Annabelle opted to stay safe aboard the Galatea until after the first contact.

Mark gave Annabelle a kiss as Cricket plotted the route into the shuttle, and soon they were off to meet with the Queen.

As they entered the atmosphere, the sky appeared blue. There was no sign of the rainbow colours that were so clearly visible all the way to the planet. Mark wondered if maybe the colours would be visible at night, like the aurora borealis that appear in the night skies on Earth. That prompted another discussion about the difference between living in a gas nebula and solid particles falling through the atmosphere. They would need to get proof to settle the argument.

The route they were following was leading them toward a massive city that rose like a mountain and towered over everything else around it. They surrounded the entire city with tall walls and adorned it with waterfalls all over the place. There was also an unusually outrageous amount of gold on almost everything.

They marked the landing zone for the palace clearly when they approached the pinnacle of the mountain city, and a large security force awaited their arrival.

Mark asked Cricket, “I know I ask this all the time, but—you’ve got drones with us, right?

Cricket cheerily replied, “Of course, I have two drones to follow you, one drone for each of your companions and one to protect the shuttle—but since Maren is staying in the shuttle, I guess there’s two drones to protect the shuttle.

Cricket, can you construct one of those tablet communicators in the shuttle?

Of course. I will complete it by the end of your meeting.

As they exited the shuttle, security surrounded them. They were a mixture of men and women dressed like Amazon warriors. They indeed looked like the Mazjik, so Councillor Jean may have been correct in the assumption that the Aesir were also Mazjik.

The most decorated of the group, a stunning brunette with green eyes, soft lips and an impressive bosom, demanded, “Please leave all weapons on your ship.”

Steeling his gaze away from the tall brunette beauty, Mark nodded to Gyges, who walked back up the ramp and placed his stun guns in the storage box above the cockpit. Maren still sitting in her seat, watching the video from the ramp camera.

Only after Gyges returned without his weapons did the security group part so the Queen could approach.

The Queen was also reminiscent of a tall Amazon warrior, except she wore a crown. She was roughly 7-foot tall, with radiant blue eyes, soft inviting rose-coloured lips and a very ample bosom outlined by her form-fitting armour and her long, wavy blonde hair.

“I am Brenn, Queen of the Aesir and ruler of Asgard. I apologize for my husband’s absence as he’s away tending to matters on one of the lesser realms. Who might you be?”

“I am Mark Phoenix, King of the Atlantean Federation and with me is Liyana, my advisor and ambassador, and Gyges is our security.”

Brenn looked at him quizzically. “You are a King, why aren’t you surrounded by a security entourage?”

Mark said, “Between Gyges and I, that’s all I’ve ever needed. I’ve lost count of the number of assassination attempts on myself and the people with me. But here we are and nobody with us has ever been slain. Why? Are we in danger here?”

Brenn then asked, “No, you are safe. There were more of you. Why did the others not come? I’d be interested in talking to the Norn.”

Mark said, “We always just send a small party for the introductory meeting. Besides, the Norn are quite a shy race. They don’t interact with others much.”

As the Queen turned to walk away, she spoke to the brunette. “Tristan, tell Bjorn to meet us in the Great Hall.”

The brunette nodded and walked away. The security guards also turned, but did not move until Mark, Liyana and Gyges started following, then they formed around them.

The interior of the palace was extravagant, the beautifully adorned golden walls that had to be 10 metres high and the broad hallway had to be double that. There were two massive doors at the end of the hall that went all the way to the ornately decorated ceiling. The guards looked like they had to put some muscle behind opening those doors. Obviously very solid and likely quite secure.

The great hall was massive—approximately the size of a football field. They either had some wicked big parties here or were simply meant to intimidate people from the lesser realms, as she had termed it. They built a balcony level around the periphery of the room, but it looked quite narrow, so maybe it was used for security.

In the middle of the room, along the outside wall, was a long table. The Queen sat at one throne in the centre of the table and gestured for Mark, Liyana, and Gyges to sit across from her. As they were sitting down, Tristan entered the Great Hall, with Bjorn following a step behind. He looked much like the other men they had seen: tall, muscled up, long, blonde hair, and lots of tattoos. He was the regal-looking man they saw in the second hail.

The Queen dismissed the rest of the security, leaving only herself, Tristan and Bjorn, after they had all settled around the massive wooden table.

Turning back to her guests, the Queen said, “If you have been visiting other planets to discuss trade and tourism, you must have some sort of presentation prepared.” Then looking at Liyana, she asked, “I take it that’s where you come in—as the ambassador?”

Liyana nodded and took out her holocube. The Queen nodded and gestured to proceed as Liyana went through the presentation.

At the end of the presentation, they announced that most of the Federation benefits were unneeded on Asgard and they expressed their opposition to having outsiders roam around.

After being told that two-way tourism was mandatory, they said they’d have to run it by the King and council, which would meet when they returned.

They adjourned the meeting with Bjorn, inviting them for an abbreviated tour of the city. Liyana, who seemed to be smitten by the tall, muscular warrior ambassador, jumped at the opportunity. Only after realizing she should’ve run it by Mark first.

Mark didn’t like the idea of Liyana going off alone, so he insisted Gyges accompany her. Brenn agreed and then insisted, “Tristan should go also—her mere presence should keep any troublemakers at bay.” Then, looking at Mark, she asked, “Do you not want to go as well?”

“No. Since you’re not interested in joining the Federation, I’m good with waiting here or maybe back at the shuttle. They can give me the highlights when they return.”

After they had departed on their tour, Brenn asked, “May I give you a tour of the palace?”

Mark agreed as Brenn walked beside him through the other rooms at the top of the city. The throne room, the barracks, the courtyard, the dining hall and eventually ending up at the royal residence.

She led Mark inside and then out to a balcony that overlooked the city. The balcony had two loungers with a table between them. She gestured for him to sit in one while she was fetching some refreshments.

Moments later, Brenn returned with two glasses filled with ice and a dark liquid.

She proposed a toast to new friends. They clinked their glasses together and took a sip of the fragrant liquid.

Unsure what to expect, Mark just got a bit onto his tongue and let Cricket analyze it. The liquid was safe for him to drink, but she warned it had a very high alcohol content.

Knowing it was safe, Mark took a bigger swig while concentrating more on its flavour this time. He equated it to more of a pre-mixed whiskey and coke, but with a hint of cherry to it. A bit too sweet for his liking, but it was good.

They enjoyed the potent liquid after some idle banter about other planets he had been to and the other planets in the Federation.

Realizing both their glasses were empty, she excused herself to go get more. The drink seemed to affect her more-so than himself, but he attributed it to the medibots in his system neutralizing some of the alcohol.

Returning with a carafe of the tasty beverage, she refilled their glasses, but instead of sitting on her lounger, Brenn straddled the lounger and sat on Mark’s lap. Straddling the lounger required spreading her legs wide, which caused her leather skirt ride high, revealing that she was not wearing any underwear.

Her bare pussy, sultry blue eyes and voluptuous bosom made his cock erect in record time. Its awkward position in his pants causing him discomfort.

The Queen recognized this as she smiled and undid his pants, allowing his cock to free itself from its confines.

With his cock free, she moved her crotch back into his lap, allowing Mark’s cock to slip between her moist nether lips. She began rocking her hips back and forth, sliding her pussy along his hard shaft and teasing the head of his cock with her fingertips as it leaked a copious amount of precum.

As she rubbed her pussy on his cock, she deftly removed the rest of her armour, exposing the rest of her incredible body to Mark’s purview.

Her magnificent bosom swaying above him was mesmerizing as he grabbed her rocking hips and pulling his face up so he could suck on those beautiful light brown nipples. Because of her statuesque figure, her tits, which were proportional to her body, seemed massive when compared to his hands, as he used two hands to steady a heaving breast.

His suckling of her teat prompted her to stop her rocking as she worked to remove the clothing from his upper body and once his mouth broke contact with her nipple, she got up and helped remove his pants and boots. His cock was already coated with her juices and his precum was smeared all over his stomach.

Now that both of them were naked, she resumed her position, rubbing her pussy on his cock while he continued to knead her breasts and suck her hard nipples. Her hips rocked further and further until one stroke, she tilted her hips a bit and allowed his cock to slip inside her.

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