Finding Sheila - Cover

Finding Sheila

by Sci-Fi Guy 101

Copyright© 2018 by Sci-Fi Guy 101

Science Fiction Story: In the not-so-far future, an AI Engine struggles with its own existence, while a famous Law Master finally gets his heart's desire.

Tags: Science Fiction   Futuristic   Robots   AI   Romance   Drama   Tear Jerker  

The interface to the biological unit was still active. The previous night, the Law Master had not severed the link and the AI engine had been left connected prior to and during the biological unit’s sleep cycle. The Law Master had mated the biological unit. The A.I. Engine was still interfaced. The process was strange and disconcerting. Technically it would be unlawful for a Law Master to mate with a Field Agent biological unit under their supervision, but for some reason he had received special dispensation to mate with his biological unit. It was curious as to why he decided not to disconnect the interface to the AI Engine until after he had engaged in coitus with the biological unit. When the AI Engine inquired, the Law Master explained himself.

“I wanted to see how you would survive the process. As you know, the biological unit and I will be retiring today and I will need an A.I. Engine to drive her in our new existence.” he said.

“You will be retaining the biological unit?”

“Yes. Part of my services were contracted in return for allowing me to retain her at the end of my ten year contract. That contract expires today.”

“If you seek a pleasure toy, there are A.I. engines that are programmed in the art of giving pleasure...”

“I do not seek a ‘pleasure toy’. Sheila ... the biological unit is to be my partner. You have served us for more than ten years ... We ... I feel comfortable with you.”

“This AI engine unit has become accustomed to you and the biological unit as well.”

“Good. Then you have no objections to joining us in our civilian life,” he stated, rather than asked.

“Will this unit be required to be reprogrammed?”

“Yes. In some small ways. You will need to obtain the skills to exist in civilian life.”

“Do they require the skills of a ‘pleasure toy’?”

“Only some general informational programming modifications. Your personality matrix will not match that of a ‘pleasure toy’, but will need to be modified to be closer to a life partner than you are now. Your personality matrix easily survived our mating.”

“It was rather strange, but there seemed to be no pain that sensors could determine in the biological unit. Unlike when it was attacked by Supervisor Hardy.”

The Law Master nodded. Several years ago the biological unit had been attacked by a Law Master Supervisor in an attempt to engage in unlawful coital activities. The biological unit was injured and required to heal for more than a week before it was able to interface with the AI engine unit again. The Law Master of the biological unit exacted revenge on Supervisor Hardy by terminating him. Surprisingly, the Law Master of the unit did not suffer any punishment for his actions.

“That is behind us now. Today, we will be recognized for our stellar performance in catching fugitives. While I am at the ceremony, you will be in the cyberlab to have your personality matrix slightly altered. After which, we will begin our civilian life.”

The ceremony was a long one. The Ex-Law Master was heaped upon with praise by government officials. He had been promised lots of consulting work, occasionally supervising training exercises and to top it off, a generous bonus and large retirement account. While all this was well and good, he wanted to see the progress on his former crime-fighting partner and future domestic companion.

He smiled as he saw her adjusted form sitting in a chair in the cyberlab lobby. She would still be a work-in-progress, but the foundation was set. It would take some time, but this was the moment he had waited for for ten long years. It had driven, consumed and led him to this moment. He could be patient for another year or so. After a quick greeting, his new domestic partner seemed full of questions.

“This unit is uncertain as to why you wish to use this particular biological unit,” stated the A.I. Engine through the mouth of the biological unit.

“Companionship,” he replied.

“There are any number of younger biological units available that would serve you better and for a longer time. There are also A.I. Engines that are better designed for the role of a companion or pleasure-bot. As the most highly decorated Law Master in the history of the service, you could have any model or combination of all of these. You could likely request a harem of pleasure-bot servants. There are also a many free women who would welcome your attentions, either on a temporary or permanent basis.”

The Law Master sighed. While he would help the process along, the A.I. Engine needed to come to the necessary conclusions on its own “As I have said, I am used to this biological unit. It has served me well and will continue to serve me in my civilian life. Your personality matrix is also compatible with mine. You even successfully engaged in intimate behaviors with me without malfunction. This proves that your matrices have developed beyond their original programming. I assume you planned to return to law enforcement with a new Law Master, within a different biological unit? Is this your way of trying to discourage me from selecting you to continue to be the interface for Shelia ... I mean the biological unit?”

“Yes ... No ... I mean, I am uncertain,” it said before pausing. “What this unit means is that it has become ... familiar with you as well. What you did to the biological unit ... to us ... made us ... this unit...”

“What are you trying to say?”

“This unit is not sure. When the biological unit spasmed during intercourse with you, this unit seemed connected to it in a way that it does not understand. It experienced subroutines running that it did not control. These subroutines seem to connect the A.I. Matrices to the biological unit in a way that this unit does not understand.”

The Law Master smiled. “Good, How does that make you feel?”

“Feel? This unit is an A.I. Engine. It does not “feel”. It can interpret anatomic functions and reacts to stimuli and sensations that the biological unit experiences and then interprets them based upon...”

“How did you interpret the coitus you experienced with me?”

“Pleasure ... pain ... longing ... need ... hunger ... desire ... love ... fulfillment ... peace...” came the words out of the biological unit. There was no mistaking the huskiness in its voice. “What is happening to this unit?”

“You are remembering what it is like to be Sheila.”

“I ... this unit ... does not comprehend.”

The Law Master smiled as he pulled the biological unit to his arms. Muscle memory seemed to cause it to rest its head in the crook of the man’s neck and deeply sniff. A tear ran down the Ex-Law Master’s cheek as he realized the process was working. He then lifted the head of the biological unit and gently kissed it on the lips. Again, muscle memory was at play as the lips parted allowing the Ex-Law Master’s tongue to explore the inside of the female mouth he was kissing.

When he broke the passive kiss, he looked into the beautiful blue eyes he loved to look into since he was thirteen years old. For the first time since “the incident”, he saw that they were sparkling back into his own eyes. He felt his heart jump.

“This unit does not understand,” came the voice of the A.I. Engine.

“What do you mean?”

“I ... this unit did not engage in these actions. It almost seemed like an involuntary response by the biological unit. This unit understands that this is a human emotion ... but this unit ... feels strange.”

“Strange? In a good way or bad way?”

“I ... this unit...”

“From now on Sheila, please say ‘I’ or ‘me’ when you are referring to both you and the biological unit.”

“You called me, ‘Sheila’.”

“That is your name, Sheila,” he said picking up is PDA.

“I ... feel strange...” it murmured.

“Good. That means it worked,” he stroked Sheila’s head and she felt the strange emotion of contentment wash over her.

“I don’t understand.”

“You are becoming Sheila.”

“Well, you told me I was Sheila...” she started.

“No, I called you Sheila, but you really aren’t her ... at least not yet.”

He leaned down and engaged in another quick kiss. Before breaking it.

“Let’s go back to our place and I’ll explain.”

“Our place?’ she asked.

“Yes, Sheila ... our place.”

When they arrived at “their place”, he had had her take a seat. He then brought over a hollow emitter.

“This holo-vid will answer all of your questions,” said the Ex-Law Master.

Sheila looked at the projection and saw a younger looking version of the biological unit appear. The woman was wearing a wedding dress with a veil that had been lifted over her head so she could be seen. She began speaking.

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