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Florida Is for Lovers

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Chapter 2

** 30 Years Later **

Yssup felt her consciousness gathering in the avatar body. She opened her eyes to a blue sky and clouds. Turning her head to the side she saw a large unfamiliar man. He smiled, “Welcome to Florida my fellow traveler.” It was Iimja. Wow, did he look different, but so will I. She raised her head and looked towards her feet. She couldn’t see them because of the very large breasts in the way. “THAT’S very different,” she thought. Her home body had A cups. These were F. Her body had been modeled after Virginia Bell, a busty beauty from that approximate time.

Iimja helped her stand up and learn to walk. Being so top heavy didn’t make things easier. She had spent long hours with her mentor learning ancient English, customs, and other bits of useful information. But she couldn’t practice with her body until she was in it. Arm in arm they walked slowly towards the beach.

Coming to the top of a dune, Yssup stopped in her tracks. This was utterly amazing! No wonder Iimja wanted to return. What an adventure!

She was a lot steadier by the time they got to the commune. Some kids saw them coming and ran out. Recognizing Iimja they escorted the two while one boy ran ahead to alert Mother May. She met them at the edge of the buildings.

Yssup said, “You must be Mother May. I’ve heard so many good things about you. My name is Yssup and I’m Iimja’s sister.” They had decided on this cover for simplicity.

Surprised yet pleased, May hugged Iimja and then Yssup. “Welcome. Wasn’t sure if you’d be back and here you are ... with company even. Come in. Are you hungry?” They replied that they were more thirsty than hungry.

Iimja escorted his “sister” around the commune, introducing her and pointing out things they’d talked about. At one point he said, “It is customary for newcomers to have sex with Mother May and/or Reverend Bill, her main companion. Are you ready to try out your new body parts?”

“I think so. Will you couple with me too?”

“In this time there is still some disapproval of sibling intercourse but there may not be much here. Anyway I think that you need to get used to normal size penises before you try mine. Rebecca is the only one who has been able to take me fully. We will be discreet when the time comes.”

Reverend Bill did a good job with Yssup for her “first time”. He was highly stimulated by the big firm breasts and brought his guest to a magnificent orgasm. Iimja happily banged May and did notice that Yssup wanted another ride on Bill in the middle of the night. In the shower the next morning Yssup confided that she had never imagined sex could be THAT much fun.

The two of them roomed with Rebecca and Miriam. It did get a bit crowded at times when there were very many extra sex partners but no one complained. You just might happen get some more from the person on the next pallet who wasn’t satisfied by what they had already gotten.

Besides the ongoing sex lessons, aided by advice and demonstrations from Mother May, Yssup learned domestic skills. Her breasts were a handicap in the outdoor work so she learned that food can be prepared by other ways than a 3D printer. She also discovered that small children can often outrun and outwit an adult caretaker.

Her work shift ended after the lunch service was done and cleaned up. She often walked to the ocean and through the scrubby woods. A couple of young men struck up an acquaintance and delighted showing her around. She wisely figured that they wanted proximity to her breasts. Finally, one of them said that she never went in the ocean. Could she swim? She lied, “No one has ever taught me.”

Two eager males had a perfect reason to get their hands on her body. She easily manipulated them and there was lots of skin-on-skin contact. There was a fresh water shower at the beach and she asked them to soap parts she couldn’t reach. That ended up being almost everything from the neck down. She happily cleaned their erections too.

After drying each other off, she coyly asked, “Did I make those things so big and hard?” They nodded. “Well, I guess I’d better take care of them. Taking their towels, she laid them on the grass, put a guy on each one and for the next hour, sucked and rode the rods until they couldn’t get hard any more. Kissing them goodbye she said, “Thanks for the lessons.”

That night she lay next to Iimja and told him of her adventure. They had the shack to themselves since Rebecca and Miriam were spending the night elsewhere.

Yssup moved down and showed her “brother” the oral skills she had learned. When he reached his magnificent fullness, she straddled him and carefully engulfed the large pleasure pole. With her body control it didn’t take too long before he was fully embedded. She moaned with the new fullness and they coupled for a long time, touching and stimulating each other until they climaxed and fell asleep, still connected.

Roberta found them that way and marveled at the sight. She kissed them both awake and said with a grin, “Keeping it in the family, I see! It’s OK. I’ve screwed my brother a few times.”

The researchers’ plans required some things that would cost money, and that wasn’t a likely possibility at the commune. So they got a ride into the nearest town and explored for ideas. Having no legal identities, they had to look for cash paying situations. Turning a corner, they came across a “titty bar” featuring topless dancers and other sexually oriented entertainment. Iimja laughed and said that Yssup was far from “topless” but it was the best thing they’d found yet.

The owner almost had a fit when he saw Yssup even in the tie-dyed baggy loose dress. When she showed him what she had, he hired her on the spot. Iimja bargained for a job for himself too and insisted that both be paid in cash “under the table”. Deal! They would start Friday night.

Mother May laughed like crazy when she found out and brought out some wine and pot to celebrate. The researchers’ bodies didn’t respond to alcohol or drugs so they joined in just to be polite. When she got a bit high, May showed Yssup the kind of dancing she needed to do, having had the same experience when she needed some cash. She explained lap dances and how one could make a lot more money providing “personal services” in the back rooms.

Yssup’s body and skills quickly made her a busy favorite on the weekend nights she worked even though she set her prices higher than the other girls. After the bar owner’s cut she could still clear a grand a weekend. Iimja got a helper job at the bar during the busy times she was working there. He was paid in cash, although it was very little compared to her income. They needed to be as “underground” as possible.

Soon enough they bought some forged birth certificates allegedly from a small town where the courthouse had burned down shortly after their supposed births. They chose “Futura” as a last name. Kind of an inside joke. Then getting a driver’s license, their only concession to bureaucracy, was easy. That was followed by getting their own nondescript used car. The lack of computerized records made such deviousness relatively easy.

After six months of sex with the locals, the plan said they needed to go to an urban environment. Tampa-St Petersburg wasn’t too far away so they found a relatively inexpensive oceanside cottage to rent. Iimja took as much of their earnings as possible and purchased gold and select stocks that he knew from the historical records would rapidly appreciate in the next few years. Hindsight is perfect!

Looking deeper into the sex worker business, Yssup easily got a job with a classy escort agency. Soon enough she was at the top of the popularity and price lists. Only servicing a few clients a week was a lot easier and way more fun than the titty bar since they often showed her off around town. She took some yacht and ocean cruises and attended corporate functions, although those, for an appropriate fee, often involved servicing a number of men.

Most of her clients were distracted enough by her skills that they didn’t wonder about all the rather specific questions she would ask, filing away the answers in her mental data bank. She was here to do research, she never forgot.

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