Florida Is for Lovers - Cover

Florida Is for Lovers

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Chapter 3

** The time-capsule is found and a new era begins

Iimja and Yssup spent most of their time in their surrogate bodies. A growing group of followers who had the substantial resources to afford the customized bodies created a small private community to use them. The larger and more sexually developed physiques were an oddity to the general public even though the research project had received quite a bit of publicity.

Those adventurous individuals who followed in the researchers’ footsteps absolutely loved it. The directors of the Sex Surrogates Institute (SSI), our intrepid researchers, were extremely wealthy so the golden rule applied. To quote it: “They who have the gold, make the rules.”

The time capsule from the past was recovered intact after a bit of searching. Climate change had more effect than they had realized. When opened, the requested research was retrieved. Also inside was proof positive that Iimja and Yssup were the controlling owners of the wealthiest organization on earth, thanks to the investment instructions they had left the foundation.

There were a few rules for the SSI community. The first was that no matter what connection or legal binding you had outside in your birth body, you were completely independent as a surrogate. Spouses were free agents.

The second was that new members received sex training from the appropriate director since your real life experience was generally almost useless. A new member received an evaluation and suggestions for further development.

You were also expected to study the research materials and make a contribution to them in your chosen era. While part of your contributions were converting the ancient records into the technical media of this current time, the most interesting part was living and sharing, by direct involvement, the practices of the past.

At first it was mostly individual pairs or small groups of three or four that would explore their newfound sexual capabilities. Just plain fucking around with little regard for convention was an exciting adventure. Men and women both had such fun offering their erotic services and experiencing the variety of pleasures their new bodies were capable of. Fine tuning of their bodies after a few visits to SSI was common but excess size of body parts was strongly discouraged. You didn’t need G- cups or a foot-long dong to have good sex!

As the academic assignments matured, special interest groups formed. The technology advanced rapidly so that an experienced surrogate user could change hosts for different visits.

Construction robots could build anything that was needed for realism on the multi-thousand-acre property. One early area was a replica of a portion of Florida which included the commune property as it was when the researchers had visited it. Roles were assigned to members with Iimja surrogated as Reverend Bill with enhanced male parts, and Yssup taking the body of Mother May. They had enhanced sexual capacity while the others were set for normal abilities.

Each participant, only teens and up were included, had studied their role and reenacted the way of life in those times. The joys of cooking were rediscovered along with community dining and drinking around a campfire. Couples began drifting off to the beach and buildings and cries of passion and satisfaction could be heard. Many repeatedly returned to the campfire looking for new companions and wide variations in age and body types were seen copulating.

Some approached Bill and May, fascinated by their mature bodies, and were treated to a rich experience. The females would never forget Bill’s oversized penis stuffing their boxes and repeatedly ejaculating. They reluctantly yielded his attentions so others could enjoy. May’s fuller body with its hairy crotch and pendulous motherly mammaries stimulated a cock of any age to its best performance. She knew how to make each of them feel like the best cocksman on earth. Each of the leaders copulated with at least ten others, hence the need for super powers.

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