The After Seeding a Second Wave Book 2
Chapter 2

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Millie was scared almost terrified, John, had just regained consciousness, here she’d broken the news to him about her sisters causing him to pass out again (Millie?) A voice sounded in her head, (your assumption of his present physical condition is correct, but all initial scans confirm his condition is stable and all functions are within tolerable levels.)

“Helen is that you?” Millie said a little startled.

(Your second assumption is correct, we should be arriving within the hour, ) Helen said.

“Mommy? Who was the lady in my head?” Millie and John’s daughter asked.

“That was one of the... “ Millie started.

“Oh! You mean she was a Miacarian!” Millie’s daughter shouted.

A little shocked Millie was about to answer her daughter when Helen once again broke into her thoughts and conversation, (Yes little one, I see that you cerebral advancement is proceeding as I predicted.)

The little toddler looked up at her Mother with a questioning look, also with a look of intense concentration on her little face. (I apologize Millie, I failed to see her mental reasoning isn’t advanced far enough to comprehend everything we are saying at present.)

Damn it! Millie thought, now she knew what John meant about the headaches. With that all was silent for a few minutes, then the little toddler began to ply her Mother with a myriad of questions, questions Millie tried her best to answer. Half an hour later Millie was about to give up, as her knowledge of the Miacarians was extremely limited, when finally John’s voice was heard in their heads.

(Young lady, give you Mother a rest, her knowledge of the Miacarians isn’t that vast, she wasn’t exposed to them as long as I was.)

“Yes Daddy, will you wake up soon? I have a lot of...” the toddler started.

John sat up holding a hand up to quiet the girl, (all nanomites, this is master control report.)

(Master Control, all Nanomites not effected by the energy release have replicated to excess, no enemies within thirty kilometer range. All data gathered during master control’s corporeal vessel malfunction now being displayed.)

John watched as the information flowed past his eyes, stopping it a few times he advised changes. Finally satisfied John finally started issuing orders. (All nanomites this is Master Control, effective immediately Double Alpha alert is canceled. All nanomites go to Alpha Normal conditions, keep all sensors at one hundred percent all alerts set to immediate notification.)

(Compliance Master control, Alpha Normal enacted as of now.) John breathed a sigh of relief. At least now, Millie could enact an emergency condition if needed. “Now you have questions?” John said looking at his daughter. For the next hour John answered every question that the toddler asked, many of the answers had Millie’s eyes wide in astonishment. Astonishment that is, ‘til John announced that the Miacarians needed his and possibly Millie’s help again, Millie was at once was not too happy with John’s decision.

John was explaining when Mitch appeared in front of them with Helen. “Salutations John and Millie,” they both said when John and Millie turned toward them.

“I’m not sure if you can do this John, the agents are getting smarter and their new weapons might kill you.” Millie was telling John causing both Mitch and Helen to pause.

“We have anticipated the capacity of said agents weapons, all scans and corresponding data show that they will never progress higher than John. John’s learning capacity has at present increased by five, yours started to increase today.” Mitch said, though Millie was still doubting half of what he’d said.

Millie and John’s daughter was standing behind her mother having heard how powerful these people were.

“Ah! hello little one,” Mitch started, “You have no cause for alarm, your parental genetic providers are a significant factor in the re-establishment of the Miacarian race.”

The toddler peeked out from behind her mother, not really sure what to think of the human looking aliens. “I see you’ve noticed our daughter,” John started, “She has most of the abilities that I have though not as strong as mine, I’ve tried to instill morals in her but with her young age it isn’t the easiest thing to do.”

“Yes, your correlation of the available data suggests that at present, the manner in which you have manipulated her faculties has to date deterred catastrophic destruction.” Helen said, causing both John and Millie to twitch and sway uncomfortably. “My apologies, the stored images of our previous visitation are regressed to allow more scientific exploration.”

John and Millie excused their selves and rushed to the bed room, amid ripping and tearing of clothes as they passed through the door way. Helen sighed, looking at the toddler she saw the inquisitive look on the little girl’s face.

“I am sorry young one, the vocal vibrations of my race causes uncontrolled sexual longing, this in turn leads to uncontrolled reproductive coupling,” Helen said as she tried to explain to the girl.

Left alone with Helen and Mitch the girl was at a loss not only for what to say but also a place to hide. “Please, be unafraid, we would never harm you,” John said watching the little girl, he’d noticed that her mind was quickly adapting to the presence of both his self and Helen.

From the bedroom they could hear the John and Millie grunting at a furious pace. For a moment the little girl hesitated then finally spoke up. “Mother and Father have told me of your race, how advanced you are. They have also told me that you are alien, funny but you don’t look alien, you appear to look just like humans.”

Helen smiled the toddler’s mind was well in advance of where she thought it would be for the age she was.

“Yes, we appear human due to the inclusion of human genetic material, with our Miacarian genetic material. We created a container or body as your people call it and inhabited it to full gestation.”

Again the little girl held a look of puzzlement on her face, Helen sighed, she was hoping the girl’s mind was a little further than it was. Though she could see the growth potential the knowledge wasn’t there yet.

Moments later John and Millie emerged both looking sheepish for a moment.

“As I discussed with you in the dream sharing field, we are in desperate need of an engineer without one, the machines that maintain the essences will likely fail soon. This,” Mitch held up a green cylinder, “Is Tretyondalivinon.”

(Salutations John, Michokelithompatin has discussed your race and the problems that threaten to destroy what’s left of the Miacarie. He has prompted me to ask your permission to use your genetic material to create a container for my essence.)

“I don’t mind, plus the fact that there will be more people here to defend us all, helps greatly,” John replied.

At these words John looked at Millie almost afraid that she was going to protest, her smile let him know that she felt a lot better now, about the plan.

“I would like to call you Trey, your full name is difficult for human speech,” John told the essence in the cylinder.

(Agreed, the verbal short representation of my name is extremely pleasing to my auditory sensors, ) Trey replied.

“Then let us commence,” Mitch said. The cylinder opened, a ball of light emerged taking the shape of a naked woman, again with three vaginas, John knew each time it would be different. Walking to the bedroom John quickly disrobed again, the vision following him. Laying down he waited, his cock grew as hard as it had with the other two. The vision settled down, the mouth covering his cock, damn! John had forgotten just how soft their mouths could be. His balls were already churning, the lips of the alien were softer than he remembered, oh my god! What the hell was it doing?

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