The After Seeding a Second Wave Book 2
Chapter 4

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John was a little more than pissed off, the Triacarian had tried to hurt his precious Millie with no regard to her or anything else. The fact that he’d also threatened to kill the Miacarie that John was carrying also incited him to no end. John had finally extended all the shields over his and Millie’s, family’s farm, this in it’s self helped to relieve a lot of John’s worry but not quite all.

The machine that Barry had sent was doing wonders for some of John’s fears also, but from what he’d seen in the Triacarian’s head the worst of them wasn’t even near the planet yet but John was afraid that he was on his way.

John and Mitch had both searched the planet for the other Triacarian, as Mitch had explained and John had seen they always worked in pairs, John was afraid that the bastard was out there raping a woman to breed his bastard race back from the brink. All the next day they searched with no luck, John thought he knew for sure where the other was but still couldn’t detect anything the same was also true for Mitch.

They both knew that in another day the other would be near trying to exact revenge, something John wasn’t about to let happen. With time winding down John knew that though strong, very strong Mitch was still no match for even the weak one that had taken on John. Then there was the fact that today was the day when Millie’s second sister was supposed to come over.

As he understood it they’d all heard about his longevity in the bed room and wanted a turn each day. Though Trey was now a lot better and healthier he still needed more hormones to continue his growth. John felt a whole lot better this time when Millie and Mica left for her father’s, as before Helen and Mitch made to leave Helen talking to John and Canella before she left.

Canella, the second oldest daughter was a lot shyer then either of her sisters. Though she was half out of her mind being horny, she was still afraid of rejection from John. Sensing something and the tremendous struggle going on in the woman, John sat and began to talk to her while rubbing her shoulders eventually the woman relaxed and began to open up.

“John,” she started, “I know that you are a tremendous lover and the sight of you gives me urges I haven’t had in a long time. The last time I had sex, well almost had sex, the little fuck head took one look at me and started to laugh, I’d die if that happened with you. I, like all my sisters want to have a baby with you maybe two, I am scared you will reject me. I want you so bad right now it hurts. I am... , “ almost in a whisper, “deformed down there, I have been since I was a little girl, it ... it is embarrassing to me.”

John was surprised, her resistance to Helen’s voice was impressive and he felt very proud of her for her honesty. “Canella,” John said, “I have never found the female body to be anything but beautiful, allow me to undress you?” He asked, when she only slowly nodded her head John very slowly began to take her clothes off kissing each part he revealed like a precious surprise.

His patience and loving of her body started to take a toll on her almost unable to resist she waited for her final underthings to be removed. Uncovering her vagina he finally saw why she was ashamed. One of her outer vagina lips was very much larger than the other and though it was unusual John found nothing disturbing about it. Kissing each inch of it like a precious possession finally allowing Canella to honestly relax, finally reaching total release as she started to scream out her first orgasm.

Quickly shedding his clothes John continued to lap and suck on her woman’s center. Finally Canella begged John to take her, he moved up and in one motion drove his cock balls deep drawing another satisfying scream from her. The mere contact of her pussy and her heat had John struggling to maintain a slow pace, finally he began to plunge in at a harder rate. Sometime after her fourth orgasm Canella’s pussy clamped down on John’s cock even harder, the friction was about to drive him crazy it was almost as tight as Millie’s was when she took her virginity.

Canella and John were both building to monstrous orgasms Canella was floating she’d never felt this good or cum this many times omg! She was about to cum again! Oh god! It was huge, plus John’s cock was starting to swell! Canella screamed out her most intense orgasm just as John began to blast his cum as deep in her as he could, it’s so hot Canella thought, the sheer pleasure overloading her senses as she too passed out.

John was worried again, one of Millie’s sisters had passed out after cuming damn, he was going to kill one of them if this kept up! Finally his balls drained, John withdrew, again noticing that hardly anything came out. John carefully cleaned Canella up, covered her, folded her clothes and went to make her something to eat. Twenty minutes later Canella awoke from a dream like trance she’d never experienced anything as beautiful as this, Ava had been so right.

Finding her clothes neatly folded she smiled and quickly dressed, walking out she saw that John had food prepared for her thank god! She felt like she was starving. After they finished she helped John clean up, still no words had passed, till she was about to leave, “John as my sister said before, your children will be well taken care of and loved,” bending down she passionately kissed him, “as you are now.”

John was a little stunned again, sure the sex had been good but he still didn’t feel he was that good!

John contacted Millie to let her know that he sister was on her way back, when Mitch’s voice was suddenly in his head, (I have detected the energy signature of the second Triacarian, he is nearby and closing at an accelerated rate.) John felt his ire rise as did Mitch and Helen, both appearing beside John awaited the enemy. When he veered off toward Millie’s family’s farm John cursed his self realizing his mistake, the bastard was heading to where his partner had disappeared. He heard and felt Millie scream blinking where she was immediately a strange man had her against a tree snarling in her face, Mica though alive was unconscious nearby, the man had several cuts about his face arms and legs.

“Where is he you Miacarian filth!” The stranger said shouting into her face. John seized the man in a shield, on the man’s face a look of surprise quickly spread. “Ah! there you are you... , who are you? You feel Miacarian but I can see that you are not.

John’s anger was to the point that he almost didn’t hear what the man said, “I am a human, I am the one who destroyed that piece of garbage you called a partner!” John growled,

“You? your race has no such power you are but... , “ the strained look on the man’s face plus the fact that he was gagging was not lost on Millie. “She is MY WIFE! She is also human as is my daughter there, You and what’s left of your race need remember that, your partner said you were honorable, attacking a woman and a child is not honorable if anything it is an extreme act of cowardice!”

Gagging the man said, “we did not know we are only...”

“Shut up!” John screamed, “Tell all of what’s left of your race this planet is off limits, come here and DIE!”

With that the man vanished screaming, again one hundred miles above the planet a huge explosion had the military and government agencies scrambling to investigate. Kneeling beside Mica, John tenderly picked up her bruised body, Millie looked into John’s face seeing the love for them and the anger at his self.

A moment later they were all back at the house, Helen was taking care of Millie and Mica’s wounds and bruises. “No apparent deep lacerations, extended surface bruising, no skeletal abrasions or breaks. John I have detected slight cerebral swelling and minor lacerations to the back of her cerebral container,” Helen told John.

Looking her over John saw the small bump on Mica’s head, sighing John was glad the bastard was dead though he’d like to kill him a few times over for what he’d done.

A few minutes later Mica awoke and stared straight at her father. “Daddy, I am sorry I wasn’t able to protect mommy,” Tears were streaming down her face as John was just as suddenly calmer.

Rushing to her side John held her close, “I am proud of you, you didn’t let him hurt your mommy, plus you actually hurt the bad man, he was just a lot stronger than you but to injure him like you did helped mommy much more than you think.” John said shaking, with all the safeguards he had in place how did he manage to get through?

An hour later Mitch and John were reviewing all of what John had gotten from the Triacarian. Though he had set up quite a network with his shields they still allowed none threatening people through. It appeared that, that was the way he’d hidden from them, by lowering his energy like John did, he appeared human slipping through all the shields till he needed his power. Sighing John had known that these people weren’t stupid but this was one thing he hadn’t foreseen.

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