Harry and Amy - Cover

Harry and Amy

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Chapter 5

Bill parked his car at the curb while Amy drove her car into the garage. Getting out, he walked to the garage and watched her struggle to exit her car. It was a complex process of swinging her legs out the door, getting the knees straight, locking the braces, and then sliding out of her seat while positioning the crutches so that she wouldn’t fall over. He’d watched his father perform the same actions thousands of times.

It was hard not to notice him watching her. Stepping away from the car, Amy smiled over at him and said, “You should see me do that when I’m wearing a short skirt.”

Bill laughed considering the magnificent view it would give him. He said, “I’m looking forward to seeing that some day.”

“Pervert,” she teased. The idea that he would be interested in looking beyond the metal of her braces secretly thrilled her. She closed the door of the car with a dull thump that echoed in the small garage.

His eyes traveled across her body. Her heavy shoes, the dusty blue jeans, the dull shine of the metal braces, and her wrinkled sweatshirt presented a figure that few would consider sexy. He didn’t care what others might think, he thought she was the sexiest woman he’d seen in a long time. Pretending to be insulted, he protested, “It’s not perversion to want to look upon loveliness.”

“Black George is right. Your tongue is made of sugar,” replied Amy with a laugh. She made her way to his side and stopped when he didn’t move out of her way.

The two of them looked at each other, each feeling awkward. Bill, thinking it was time to make a move towards a good night kiss, broke the silence. “I’ve got to get a hotel room and should probably go.”

Licking her lips, Amy debated the wisdom of inviting him into her house. She felt dirty and didn’t want to ruin things, but she didn’t want the evening to end. Hoping that she wouldn’t regret it, she asked, “Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?”

Bill noticed her slight hesitancy in asking him to stay for coffee. It made him wonder if she was being honest about wanting him to stay. Smiling, he answered, “I’d love to, but I’m not sure it would be a good idea.”

Hurt by his hesitation, she asked, “Why?”

“Because I might not want to leave.”

“Oh,” she replied. She hadn’t considered that possibility. The idea that he might want to spend the night thrilled her, but she wasn’t ready for the relationship to develop to that point. ‘Still,’ she thought, ‘a little while wouldn’t hurt.’ Softly, she said, “Please, come in.”

“With pleasure.”

Bill followed her into her house and then on to the kitchen. Once there, he looked over at her. She was trying to fix her hair and get a glimpse of herself in the toaster by using it as a mirror. Recognizing that she felt dirty and uncomfortable, he said, “Why don’t you let me make some coffee for you while you freshen up?”

“Thanks, I think I’ll take you up on that offer,” she answered even as she turned. She fled from the room as fast as her crutches allowed.

He watched as she disappeared around the corner with a smile on his face despite the fact that it wasn’t a graceful exit. She wasn’t graceful. Her leg braces and the crutches assured that she wouldn’t ever be able to walk away in a sultry manner that would grab the attention of most men. Despite that, he found her beautiful. She had no idea how amazing she had appeared to him while sitting around the fire pit. It was all he could do to keep from following her.

It was with little effort that he found everything necessary to brew a pot of coffee. As he searched for the coffee filters, he noticed that only the lower parts of her shelves were filled with items. It made sense since she couldn’t reach the top shelf despite the fact that she was a tall woman. Climbing on a stool wasn’t an option. It wasn’t long before he had a pot of hot coffee. He decided they would probably drink the coffee in the living room. Filling two cups, he carried them out to the living room and set them on the coffee table next to the couch on which he had spent the night.

He settled on the couch hoping she would choose to share the couch with him rather than to sit in the other chair. Nervous, he took a sip of his coffee and nearly burned his mouth on it. He set it back down on the coffee table. Unable to relax, he stood and walked around the room checking out the paintings, the books in the bookshelf, and the knick-knacks scattered around the room.

A noise behind him caused him to turn around. Amy entered the room dressed in her fluffy pink robe. She had taken a bath and then put on her robe. She was about to sit in her comfort chair when she noticed where he had placed her coffee. Nervous as a schoolgirl, she changed her mind and went over to the couch. She sat down taking care to hold her robe closed. Looking up at Bill, she said, “I hope you don’t mind that I’m wearing my robe. I didn’t want to keep you waiting while I dressed.”

“I don’t mind at all,” Bill replied returning to the couch. As he sat down, he smiled and added, “It reminds me of when we first met.”

Amy giggled as she recalled that morning of almost four months earlier. As she replayed her memory of that morning, she found she was blushing when she came to the part where his erection slipped out from his boxers. To hide her embarrassment, she grabbed her coffee and took a sip. It was warm, having cooled while she had bathed. Getting herself under control, she said, “Oh yes. I remember that morning very well.”

They talked through the night unaware of the time passing. The conversation was lively and without the kind of hesitation that often marred a first date. Each took turns learning about the history of the other. They occasionally teased each other, laughed at bad jokes, and discussed serious subjects.

Bill described how it was to grow up the child of a polio victim. He mentioned the ignorance of people and how their fears had affected his life. He talked about how people treated his father as if his crippled condition was contagious. Amy scooted down the couch to sit closer to Bill. She understood his story, having experienced similar treatment after her knees blew out on her.

Amy talked about the day when her life changed. One day she had been a young pretty woman with her choice of boyfriends and the next day she was damaged goods. Men stopped seeing an active young woman and saw a cripple. She had thrown herself into her education and, upon graduation, her career. As she talked, Bill moved closer to her and put an arm around her shoulder.

It wasn’t until Bill noticed that it was light outside that they realized that it was almost eight in the morning. By then, Amy was curled up beside Bill with her head resting against his chest and his arm holding her close. Surprised to see that the sun had risen, he said, “Wow, I didn’t realize it was morning already.”

Looking at the daylight outside, Amy yawned realizing she was very tired. She considered the time and realized it was too late for him to check into a hotel. He’d have to wait until two in the afternoon before he’d be able to get a room. She stared down at the couch and considered her options. She could invite him to stay on the couch or invite him to share her bed. She knew which choice she preferred.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to get a room at this time of day. Would you mind if I stayed on the couch?” Bill asked after trying to suppress a yawn. The lack of sleep came crashing down on him. He was afraid that he’d fall asleep trying to drive to a hotel.

“No problem.” Amy stood and started to head towards the closet to get some sheets and blanket for him, but paused at the door. She was so tired that the effort required seemed like it was just too much work for no real reason. She turned and looked at Bill for a second wondering if she could trust him. Happy Harry wouldn’t have brought him to her if he represented any kind of danger. The months of telephone conversations and e-mail exchanges had brought about a level of trust that made her consider the impossible.

Timidly, she said, “You could share my bed if you promise to be good.”

He hadn’t even kissed her yet, but she was inviting him to her bed. Heart beating in his chest, he said, “I promise.”

Bill followed Amy to her bedroom. Once there, the pair stood nervously and, for the first time that night, neither one of them knew what to say. Finally, Bill broke the silence.

“Maybe it would be better if I slept on the couch.”

Rather than answer, Amy made her way to the bed and sat down. As she removed the braces, she answered, “Don’t be silly. We’re both adults and can control ourselves.”

She was not as confident as she sounded. Her stomach fluttered as the first brace hit the floor. Once the braces had been removed, she turned off the light and removed her bathrobe while slipping under the covers of her bed. She hoped that he wouldn’t see anything while their eyes tried to adjust to the sudden lack of light, but the room wasn’t that dark. Bill blinked believing he had caught a flash of her naked body before the sheet covered it.

Bill stood in the room, dressed and wondering what he should do next. He didn’t want to expose himself, but he was tired and needed sleep. Nervous, and with fingers that didn’t want to respond to his mental commands, he undressed. He dropped his shirt beside the bed not seeing a place to set it. He undid his belt and started to drop his pants before realizing at the last moment that he had failed to remove his shoes.

It was too late to prevent his pants from dropping down to his knees. He penguin walked to the edge of the bed while an amused Amy watched. Sitting down, he pulled off his shoes and socks while shaking his head at his stupidity.

Less than a five seconds after having removed his shoes, Bill was left wearing his boxers and ready to get into the bed. At the last second, he recalled the practice of bundling and chose not to slide between the sheets. Lifting the bed cover, he slid into the bed atop the covering sheet. This put a sheet between their bodies making if far more difficult for him to give into the temptations that flitted through his mind.

Unaware of his choice, Amy reached over under the sheet and was surprised to find it blocking her hand. Disappointment at having a barrier between them and approval at his obvious concern for her modesty fought for supremacy within her mind. Approval finally won out.

Rather than comment on his chivalry, she said, “Good night.”

“Good night,” he replied while staring up at the ceiling wondering if he should kiss her goodnight. By the time he made up his mind, she was fast asleep.

It was late in the afternoon when Amy woke in the center of her bed, her back spooned against Bill. The sheet was pulled down to her waist although the bed cover was up around her neck. His chest was pressed against her back, contact prevented by the thin sheet. She nestled harder against him and sighed. It was such a delightful feeling to wake up pressed against a male body.

She wrapped her hand over his and placed his hand where she most wanted it. She held it there as if she was afraid to let it go.

Bill awoke, becoming aware of his surroundings in little stages. Realizing where his hand was resting, he tried to pull his hand away from her, hoping not to wake her. She pulled his hand back to where it had been. As his awareness moved down his body, he realized where he was lying. Afraid that he had moved across the bed in an act of unconscious aggression, he backed away and found himself falling off the bed.

Startled, he yelped.

Unable to deny that Bill was now awake, Amy turned to look over the edge of her bed. Bill was sprawled out on the floor looking shocked. His boxers were tented.

She giggled and said, “Get back in bed.”

He picked himself off the floor and stood up. His ‘problem’ was quite obvious to both of them. Flustered at the awkward situation in which he had awakened, he said, “I’m sorry. I was asleep and didn’t know what I was doing.”

She giggled at his evident discomfort knowing that she was the one who had taken his hand and placed it against herself. The tent in his boxers further demonstrated his discomfort. She lifted the sheet for him to slide into the bed. It wasn’t until he had gotten into the bed when he realized a sheet was no longer separating them.

Suddenly, the humor of the situation made itself obvious, and he started chuckling.

He said, “I’ve spent the night here twice and we’ve never even kissed. We haven’t even had a date.”

Although she recognized his comment was humorous, she also knew that it was true. She didn’t want it to be true one minute longer. Amazed at the feelings raging within her, Amy said, “Shut up and kiss me.”

The kiss started tentatively, but it heated up very quickly. Their emotions, fueled by the intimate conversation of the previous evening, shredded all restraint.

“Are you protected?”

“No,” she answered.

Her stomach twisted at the thought of the consequences of her actions. She wanted to deny him entry, but she wanted him even more. More than a decade without the touch of a man made her defenseless to his caresses. Desire overwhelmed her common sense.

“Don’t let that stop you,” she said.

In the most difficult act of his life, Bill - rather than pressing forward - eased himself downward.

Unable to restrain her reaction, she gave voice to her pleasure. It was as though she was drowning in a tidal wave, created by a decade of suppressed hopes and dreams. It was too much for her. She burst out in tears and curled into a fetal position.

Bill found himself hugging a sobbing woman. Confused, he held her tight to his chest and rocked her gently. Her total vulnerability tore at his heartstrings. Years of dating women who were more interested in his wallet than the man who carried it had made him cynical. Having watched her deal with the homeless men, he knew she didn’t care about the wealth of others. The previous evening had breached his wall of cynicism and the bastion that was his heart had fallen under the assault.

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