World's Policeman

by Thomas James

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Science Fiction Story: Readers are presented with the Project summary for global wide suppression of military assets by means of AI controlled alien technology

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Analysis “Selective Constructive Global Suppression”

Word Count 1,364

Author Kevin Wood

2558 Ambling Circle

Crofton MD 21114


Project: “Selective Constructive Global Suppression”

Analytical Summary: “Readiness and ramifications of resource deployment with the objective of stabilizing the global social economic systems via suppression of significant military capabilities.”

This author often enjoys the titles policy makers would contrive for projects. Simply put are we ready to be the world’s policeman and what will be the fall-out? Do we have the right to take action that impacts so many? These comments, questions and inner thoughts will not be included in the report summary.

There is a sense of comfort knowing that the final decision will be made by others as all this analyst needs to do is present the facts and enumerate some of the obvious costs both economic and social political. Others will need to assert that fundamental claim that anyone, regardless of their personnel vision of enlightenment, has the right to interfere with the lives of others. Obviously these first two paragraphs will be stricken from the final submission.

Report overview


We as a more developed socio-economic power have taken on this role before in some parts of the world to a lesser degree with varied results. Project managers do believe they have taken lessons learned from these past efforts and are ready to apply current technological advances with the refinements in artificial intelligence (AI). The successful field tested drone swarm technology under AI control will be brought to this new theater of operations.

Main discussion points:

Successful suppression of existing widespread destructive military capabilities

Field tested AI controlled swarm drones can effectively disable any surface military vessel whether it is either sea based or airborne. This has been field tested with minimal resulting harm to occupants as well as to other sea or air traffic. Single drones equipped with the same EM Pulse generators effectively compromise any ground based launch system. A key take-away is that missile launch capability from any modality can be effectively neutralized. If a missile does become airborne that missile can be rendered inoperable. Harm to non-military operations or activities, “civilian”, can be effectively reduced to zero as a result of the suppression actions on these military assets.

Autonomous sea based submersible drones can track and prevent any underwater based combat attack system. Strategically based orbital monitoring craft can detect and rapidly deploy intercept suppression drones to negate any activity from previous non-monitored launch system.

Similarly single unit suppression drones can render inoperable any mobile ground based launch system, missile or those of conventional artillery. While local political groups may build makeshift explosives and remedial launch systems that utilize no or minimal electronics, active kinetic firing drones prepositioned throughout the planet’s surface will minimize this threat.

First conclusion

We now possess the capability to effectively render military operations inoperable in all environments under AI controlled processes. This one time initial investment will result in a high likely hood of significant global realignment of resource investment away from military infrastructure and large scale weapon systems. It is predicted that this overt single point of influence will compel the general citizenry to implement significant social changes. The economic resources previously invested in military capabilities will now be available for global wide health, housing, food production and educational needs.

It is important to note that this deployment may not guarantee that actual strife will be eliminated and long term prosperity ensured. Armed conflict can still be waged with older weapon technologies. Global resource use can still be strained. Partial or complete societal collapse is still a possibility.

It is not recommended to make any additional deployments to mitigate developments along these lines. This is in keeping with the overall project mandate of preventing societal capabilities to cause immediate widespread destruction of the general population and general harm to the environment. One may question why take this action to begin with if the outcomes cannot be guaranteed yet the risk of long term damage caused by nuclear radiation is considered a significant overriding factor.

Potential Fallout and negative public optics

A global wide political entity exerting control over others will be challenged and will cause an inherent disruption of existing economic and political relationships. It is believed that the larger population of all nations will agree in principle with these efforts. Acceptance of the imposition of these military constraints as beneficial in the long run is expected. Non-military operations will not be prevented nor interfered with. Commercial transportation while monitored will not be restricted. Science and commercial orbital activities will be allowed as will exploratory intra-solar exploration. Finally while reverse engineering may be attempted on deployed assets it is not believed that any premature technological development will occur.

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