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The Blems

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Chapter 10

Ray and Miahally were outside the huge building again, Ray had scanned and already changed all the guards that weren’t affected yet. Finally, they were able to move to the doors once inside Ray found that there were quite a few they he hadn’t even touched let alone altered. Moving through the first two rooms Ray had finished at least thirty of the interior guards when he heard Nali.

[Ray, we have a really big problem, ] Nali told him. [You need to get back here as soon as you can I am afraid that Elizabeth panicked and hurt the female that lives next to the Chorton that is with you.] Ray shook his head looking at Miahally after Nali showed what had happened, a worried look on his face.

Alright we’ll be back as soon as we can, tell her to think at the female to feel no pain it might help, ] Ray told a worried Nali.

Turning to Miahally Ray stated, [We have to return it appears that the female next to you tried to and did enter your domicile. One of my mates felt threatened and almost crushed her autonomic systems.]

[Treg Trag, before we go, you need to try and reach the daughter we are a lot closer.] Miahally told Ray, nodding Ray reached out feeling for the daughter. Finally finding her he started to gently delve in soon past the top layers he stopped when he saw her sitting in a corner.

[Why are you here? Who is controlling everything?] Ray asked the slightly shaking female.

[The older me, she is angry that you haven’t come back to help her. If you show her, she might let me back in, though as angry as she is I am not sure.] the younger vision of the daughter said.

[Show me and I will try, ok?] Ray told the now smiling (Ray thought she was smiling he still wasn’t sure) young female.

Walking further they walked in an odd door ‘hearing’ an extremely angry voice from the other side.

[Why are you so angry?] Ray asked the older female.

[YOU! You were supposed to come back and help me I am so confused my head hurts all the time] the female spit at Ray.

[I have been trying to get back, but there are still far too many guards for me to get very close yet. Here, ] Ray said as he raised his hands and felt all the pain that she was feeling within minutes it was almost gone. Breathing easier the daughter looked at Ray with gratitude.

[Thank you Treg Trag, I wasn’t sure I was going to last much longer. Why is she with you? A mere child shouldn’t be here!] The female demanded.

[This mere child, as you put it, has all the ideas that you should, to be the best ruler you can be. Though the temper tantrums we can do without.] Ray told the now surprised female. [I have to go but if you ease the guards, I could return soon to help you, ok?]

[Yes, friend Treg Trag, I will do all I can, I am not the queen. Mother left orders that if she was to end up this way certain orders were to be carried out, namely finding who was killing her ‘til she was dead. I am sorry but there is nothing I can do about those orders though with her getting better the guards are at a less tight schedule of patrols.] Smiling Ray nodded to Miahally. Making their way out they were almost to the door when the thoughts of the Queen’s military leader assailed him.

[Treg Trag? Is that you friend? I feel you very close is there anything I can do to help, ] the leader asked.

[Damn! Miahally! It’s that damn leader again he wants to know if he can help us.] Ray told him.

Miahally was still a moment then nodded, [Tell him that you are just leaving but you will see him soon and have something for him.]

Ray looked at Miahally as if he were insane then relayed the message. Miahally was after all the expert on most of those in the Queen’s building. [It appears to have put him off though I could feel that he wasn’t all that happy.] Ray told Miahally.

[Everything will be alright; he is used to getting orders that make him upset. He has learned over time that it is just something that happens.] Miahally explained. Once again, they started for the door when Ray heard Nali. [Ray I am afraid that we have a very serious problem here.]

Sighing Ray had been afraid that something might go wrong back there with the females. [What happened?] Ray asked a moment later stopping beside the door.

[It appears that Elizabeth has far more power than we at first thought. The female Chorton came over and entered the house, Elizabeth heard her thinking of calling the guards, and then she opened a communicator to do so. Elizabeth panicked and struck out at the female. I am afraid that the female may die if you don’t return soon.] Nali explained.

Ray reached out feeling the female, and then he saw all the damage that Elizabeth had caused. Shaking his head, he was glad that she didn’t have full control or power yet, the female would have died rather quick. Looking around Ray started to reconnect many of the brain connections that Elizabeth had ripped loose. Finally, a few minutes later the female was breathing much easier and more than half her functions had been restored. Unfortunately, he’d have to actually be there to finish the higher functions.

Outside Ray and Miahally started back toward where the women were, Ray explaining the whole way back. [If she did this and wasn’t even trying, I am afraid of what she can do if she did. Treg Trag can you actually train her to use it like you do?]

[I taught her to travel in a very short time, I think I can teach her more, especially hiding.] Ray explained to Miahally who was staring at Ray in astonishment.

[I truly hope so Treg Trag or there might not be much left of this place if she releases her power. I realize that she is nowhere near as strong as you, but will you be able to stop her if she does lose control?] Miahally suddenly asked.

[If you mean destroy her then the answer is no, I have a lot more power than you think Miahally, I’ll handle it if it comes to that.] Ray told a now worried Miahally. [Besides I think we are almost where we want the new Queen to be, I feel there are only a few adjustments left. After that, the queen is dead, then this world can go on as the peaceful place it once was.]

Miahally’s mouth (Ray thought it was his mouth as said before he really wasn’t all that sure) hung open, [When did you learn the history of us? I haven’t thought or said anything, and you didn’t touch the computers that long.]

[As I said I am far more powerful than you think, I don’t want to just go in and start destroying, that would defeat the whole purpose don’t you think?] Ray asked.

Miahally was more than impressed he figured most of this but the fact that it took no time at all to gather what he needed was a surprise.

Back at Miahally’s domicile Elizabeth was about to fall apart, she felt so sick having nearly killed the female. She’d seen the healing that Ray had done, watching everything and committing it to memory. Looking in the mind of the female she saw all the strands that were there more than half were back in place. Gingerly she touched one strand looking where it might go, for several minutes she was confused seeing so many different places it could go.

Nali finished with Ray and watched as Elizabeth touched a brain connection. Sighing she hoped that Elizabeth didn’t make things worse. It was still too early for her to step in to do anything. As she watched Elizabeth seemed to be thinking to herself, then she calmed, and a new light came into her eyes. Reaching out she brought the connection to a point of the brain hesitating only a moment she soon had the connection secured. Smiling Nali started to relax good she was learning just from watching Ray, with any luck she could do most of the work and save Ray the energy.

Elizabeth had reconnected well over half of what was left when Ray and Miahally returned. Ray quietly watched Elizabeth reattach the connections, damn he thought, she has a much lighter touch than me. Ray moved in beside her and started to help, in less than ten minutes they were done. Sighing Ray knew he had to do something to scare the female into not encroaching on Miahally when he wasn’t here. What would do though? With what he’d already installed in her how could she still be encroaching?

Elizabeth had backed away as soon as she and Ray finished with the female Chorton’s brain. Then as she watched Ray again delved into the female’s mind, though this time it was almost a whisper type of touch. Even as she watched Ray was moving through her mind at a frightening speed, she was barely able to keep up. Then she saw him stop and concentrate on an area that she could see that he’d affected before. Though frightened herself Elizabeth continued to watch in an almost hypnotized state.

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