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The Blems

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Chapter 6

Ray pulled again feeling the strain on his body, damn it, it felt like it was right next to him, but it also felt like a wall was between him and it. Now Ray was starting to sweat, he knew the strain could kill him if this wasn’t ended soon. Another bad thing Ray could feel that his disguise of a Chorton was about to fade, looking around Ray started looking for a place to hide. Sticking to the shadows Ray was almost in a panic when another stray thought entered his mind, (Treg Trag, come I have a place for you to hide but you must hurry!)

Ray saw a smaller spider creature peeking around a corner, <why are you helping me?> Ray asked.

(Come, I can’t explain right now.) The creature replied.

For lack of a better plan, Ray took off after the small Chorton, unsure of exactly was going on. Maybe a minute later they both turned and entered a small doorway well, Ray thought that’s what you’d call it. Not too soon as he felt the disguise, he was putting up fade. Damn Ray thought I needed to work on that it could come in handy if he had to keep doing this. Inside the lighting was poor but even Ray could see that the creature that had saved him, lived in absolute squalor. (Now I have to ask, ) Ray started, (why did you save me?)

Bowing its head (at least Ray thought it was a head) the creature started its story; (I am near the end of my long existence cycle. I was controlling the first set of gatherers that were on the planet.) Here the Chorton stopped seemingly having a hard time breathing.

(Wait, ) Ray asked, (you were controlling it? I thought they were all automated?!)

(After that first confrontation they were made that way. The battle with you, so long ago, changed me and many that I had contact with later on. Though we do not number that many, there are enough to upset the Queen’s plans. I knew when I saw the Queen being wheeled in, then I saw her daughter drop with nothing apparently wrong with her I knew, at that instant that you were here or very close. When I saw you standing outside the palace, I saw you, not the guise you were wearing. It was at that moment that I knew I had to help you, to help all of us.)

Ray’s mouth dropped open, what the hell was this thing talking about? IF and it was a big if this were all true then..., (why did you tell me? Why didn’t you give me a sign?)

(I did, ) the creature answered, (you really think you could have broken through the security as easily as you did?)

Ray had to admit, at the time he’d been a little surprised that he’d gotten in as easily as he had but had attributed to the fact that they weren’t ready for him.

Sighing Ray realized that the creature was right, he’d just been too caught up in the moment to recognize the signs. (So, can you tell me why I can’t return?) Ray asked.

(I believe it is a technology that was developed because of you, each time the scientists worked their selves to death trying to find ways of defeating you. This is nothing more than another attempt to defeat you, why not do what you usually do to defeat it?)

Nodding Ray started to vibrate as fast as he could, yes! He could feel it starting to work looking back at the Chorton Ray told him he’d be back soon. Ray was vibrating faster than he ever had when he felt the pull then the snap like action of being pulled back to his body. Within minutes Ray was waking up the sweat coming off his body had soaked the sheets, and his clothes. Elizabeth/Nali were standing over him a look of extreme worry etched on the woman’s face.

“Ray.” Elizabeth cried as soon as he opened his eyes, “you had us both scared, Nali said she felt you trying to return but were stopped each time you tried. Are you alright? You’re not injured, are you?”

Shaking his head Ray looked around this had to be the longest he’d been out that he could remember. “How long was I gone,” Ray asked.

“It was just over eight hours, we both tried everything that we could, but you seemed to be locked into whatever was happening. Nali said she could feel the strain your body was making trying to bring you back. Are you sure everything is alright?” Elizabeth replied.

“At present I’d say yes, but as both of you have noticed my body was strained trying to return. I’ll just have to see for the time being how it all goes.”

Elizabeth nodded a moment then Ray could see the look in her eyes change and he knew that Nali had emerged. Holding out a hand Ray watched her as she ran it up and down his body. Oddly enough Ray could actually feel a tingle wherever her hand passed over a section of his body. That’s odd he thought guess there was a first time for everything.

Ray began to relate to both of them exactly what had happened, though Nali wasn’t all that agreeing on the deaths that Ray had caused. Looking into her eyes Ray could see her disapproval there, sighing he once again tried to explain to her why he had to destroy them. The hardest thing though, was the fact that he had to go back and would probably have to kill a few more before he was done. “Nali, I understand that you don’t want me killing but had I not they were planning to return with stronger weapons to destroy your home planet.”

Ray then showed her all he had learned from the Chorton that had helped him. At first, she wasn’t believing even half of what she saw but eventually she too was finally convinced that the Chortons were out for only death and destruction.

“Though I can’t completely agree, please Ray, try not to kill any more unless you have no choice. Almost all of them that you killed, yes, I can see why you did. I can even agree with most of your choices but even as you saw they are not all evil. Just try for me, ok?”

Sighing Ray nodded damn it! Leave it to Nali to suggest something that he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to be able to stick to.

Ray and Elizabeth got ready for work. Christ, this was going to feel weird all day. Arriving Ray sat at his computer and sent a message to John that they needed a meeting fast! Ray knew that it might be all day before they had a chance to talk but he had to give these new ideas to John before they disappeared for good! Surprisingly enough an hour later he was called into John’s office.

“What is it now Ray?” John said irritated.

“What the hell! You forget who is supplying the ideas and over half the money? Don’t forget you might be the only one who knows I am the other partner, but I have enough documentation to show what is mine. That little stunt you pulled the other day seriously pissed me off!” Ray growled.

“I thought this was the way you wanted it!” John hissed.

“No, not with you taking credit for EVERY idea I came up with, I only agreed to this so I could work freer. Thing is you are pushing it further than I thought you would, you want to dissolve this partnership right now? I have no problem with that! Let me know when you come to your damn senses!” Walking out the outer door I slammed it shaking several pictures off his wall.

Coming in the front John was already calling a full staff meeting, Ray could see he was rattled the thought of Ray leaving had obviously shaken him to his core.

Leaning close to John’s secretary Ray asked her what was up, she replied she wasn’t sure but from what little she had heard the other owner had stopped by and wasn’t pleased with him at all. She thought she heard the other owner say that he was happy to dissolve the company if John kept up his crap. Then she said that of course no one had heard it from her.

John started the meeting telling everyone that the other owner had been there and wasn’t that pleased with him. He had to smooth things over with him looking at Ray, John could see that Ray still wasn’t happy. John then went on to explain that ninety percent of the ideas for the company were the other owners, he wanted to apologize for misleading everyone. The other owner had found out and was threatening to dissolve the company, again John said he had smoothed things over, but they all had to pull together to make the other man happy. Sighing I shook my head just like John to make himself out to be the hero.

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