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The Blems

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Chapter 9

[Alright I’ll be there soon, ] Ray told Miahally as he looked at Nali and Elizabeth. [Damn it I have to go, Nali help her to practice you both need to go back for a little bit then come back and practice more the Chorton just told me we may have a problem I’ll be back as soon as I can.] With that Ray vanished streaking toward the Chorton home world, what has gone wrong now he thought as he neared the planet at incredible speed. Appearing near Miahally’s home Ray was expecting the worst when he appeared.

Looking around Ray called, [Miahally? Are you well what’s wrong and where are you?]

[I am in my young neighbor’s domicile; I overheard her telling a friend something. I am afraid this might be a problem for you and especially me if it goes further than we want it. Can you find out what she has said I didn’t really catch all that much of it.] Miahally told Ray slightly shaking.

[Alright, ] looking over the young female Ray couldn’t detect all that much brain activity. [Uh Miahally? Just what exactly have you done to her? I feel hardly anything from her.]

[It is a technique that our scientists tried to use on you. Since you are of a completely different type of life form it didn’t work that well on you, though on ours it is quite effective.] Miahally replied with a small smile. (Ray guessed it was a smile he wasn’t all that sure with the Chortons.)

Sighing Ray nodded as he reached out and started to delve into the young female’s mind. At first it wasn’t that bad as he started to go deeper Ray found it harder and harder to not gag at the clearly sexual thought and wants of the female. Damn! It seemed the deeper he went the more violent the thoughts got, what the hell were all these beings violent sex fiends?

Finally, he reached the area where her memories of the conversation were stored, looking around he had to start piecing together the entire thing. It appeared that so much of it had been geared toward sex that part was stored in one section while the rest went to a completely different section. Still feeling almost sick to his stomach Ray found what he needed to and started to withdraw as quickly as he could. Re-emerging Ray gasp and stared hard at Miahally, [Damn it!] He started when he could breathe easier.

[Are you alright Treg Trag you appear too not be well.] Miahally asked true concern on his face.

[I will be the things that I saw that she wants to do with and to you, I ... I am not used to such strong sexual thoughts, ] Ray said not really thinking of a better way to put it.

[Ah! I see did you find what she told her friend? Do we have need to worry?] Miahally asked slightly afraid of exactly what Ray had found.

[Yes, I found out we need to go to the others place now before she also tells others, I saw that she is extremely close.] Ray told Miahally, still trying to clear his head of the images that he’d seen in her mind.

[Let’s go, we will keep to the shadows as much as possible to avoid using your cloaking mask, ] Miahally told Ray as they started for the others place. They’d only gone a short distance when Ray pointed to a home. Knocking on the door another young female opened the door and almost purred when she saw Miahally.

[Come in and inside me you hot breeder you!] She thought, almost making Ray vomit again. Rolling his many eyes Miahally stunned her as soon as the door was closed.

[Treg Trag, it is done you need to remove the thoughts and conversation if you can.] Miahally thought after Ray entered. Ray took a deep breath and delved in again shocked that well over ninety percent of the female’s thoughts were about breeding and being bred over and over. Damn it! Ray wasn’t sure he was going to make it, he like sex as much as the next guy but these beings took it to a whole nother level!

Finally, the conversation was gone every trace of it but he had to plant something in its place to not arouse suspicion about missing time. Then he had to remove all thoughts of wanting to ever wanting to breed with Miahally. Again, it took all he had to not get violently sick with the images he saw.

[There I got everything, I think I need to rest soon the images I saw were extremely violent, they both wanted you to breed them for at least two days straight. They also wanted you to restrain them, beat them, and inject them with your seed ‘til they were bursting, as hard as you could the harder the better.] Ray thought trying his best not to become sick.

[Ah!] Miahally replied, [they were of the new sect that was into the hard punishing sex. Glad I found out now, it will make breeding my bitch of a neighbor far easier in the long run. We still have to clear my neighbor’s thoughts before you can rest Treg Trag.]

Ray nodded as he and Miahally started off for Miahally’s home, they were almost there when they were met by a sizeable contingent of soldiers. Reaching out Ray found that half were already touched by him quickly moving through them Ray finished in short time. In Miahally’s neighbor’s home Ray reached out and delved again into her mind. Again, Ray had to fight getting sick from the pure Chorton sex images, this is sickening he thought as he erased the conversation with her friend and planted thoughts of being punished if she told her friends or relatives of Miahally and their breeding plans.

Withdrawing Ray left with Miahally barely making it inside the door before Ray sat, then told Miahally <I am exhausted Miahally, I need you to call my mates Nali and Elizabeth, I fear that I won’t awaken in time to return this feels worse than last time. This is the wavelen... > with that Ray fell back the darkness taking him in its welcoming embrace.

Miahally felt the wavelength as Ray’s thoughts faded, this was bad really bad. The Treg Trag was the only one who could do all that was needed to be done. He was well over half done that was true but if he didn’t finish the new young queen would never be able to operate on her own even with the old queen’s troop leader.

Miahally concentrated, this was a weak wavelength he was surprised that the Treg Trag would lower his self to using something so pitiful. Then Miahally remembered that the Treg Trag had said mates and not mate as Miahally thought the Treg Trag only had one from all he’d seen. Hmmm Miahally thought as he concentrated harder, he had to find the Treg Trag’s mates as he feared that the Treg Trag might not make it without them.

Elizabeth and Nali had just returned a few minutes earlier when they both started to hear a voice, or they thought it was a voice. It was extremely weak and sounded extremely distant which was why at first, they had both ignored it. A few moments later the voice started to gain in strength and volume. [I am trying to reach the mates of the Treg Trag that is on my planet. Can either of you perceive these thoughts?]

Nali was the first to clearly hear the voice, [is this the Chorton that Ray has been helping?] She asked.

[I am not sure what this Ray is though if you are talking of the Treg Trag then yes, I am, ] Miahally told her.

[I am Nali, I am one of his mates as you say though I am unsure of how I know that] she told Miahally. [is there a problem? Why is he not contacting us?] Nali asked concern starting to creep into her thoughts.

[He told me to contact both of his mates, is the other there] Miahally asked as he looked at Ray, Ray’s life signs were staring to weaken.

[Yes, I am here, ] Elizabeth said finally able to hear Miahally.

[The Treg Trag asked me to contact both of you, he has used far more energy than he thought he would. He was fearful that this time he would not awaken in time as he said it is worse this time than last. I am unsure what he wishes you to do but please do it soon, his life energy has already started to decline.] Miahally informed them, [I must go I will do all I can to keep him alive ‘til you can do what you can for him.]

In the silence that followed Elizabeth began to tremble, without Ray she was sure that both she and Nali would be no more within a few days. [Nali, we have to go to him, I am scared shitless but if we don’t, I feel that neither one of us will make it.]

[I feel the same way can you feel Ray at all while we are here?] Nali asked.

Reaching out Elizabeth concentrated on nothing but Ray, at first, she felt nothing but soon she could barely feel his energy. What she felt wasn’t that good either. [Yes, I feel him but what I can feel is horribly weak, we have to go, Nali you are more used to this you will have to help me I am sure that both of us together should be able to get there faster.]

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