An Intimate Moment With the Men They Love - Cover

An Intimate Moment With the Men They Love

by T Hodge1945

Copyright© 2023 by T Hodge1945

Science Fiction Story: The king and queen were in the queen's suite, sitting on the couch and making out passionately. The king had a hand up the queen's dress, gently fingering her pussy. His touch was gentle yet firm, sending waves of pleasure through her body. She moaned softly as his fingers explored her, pushing her closer and closer to the edge of pleasure. His other hand was caressing her breasts, teasing her nipples, and sending sparks of electricity through her body.

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An intimate moment with the men they love.

The king and queen were in the queen’s suite, sitting on the couch and making out passionately. The king had a hand up the queen’s dress, gently fingering her pussy. His touch was gentle yet firm, sending waves of pleasure through her body. She moaned softly as his fingers explored her, pushing her closer and closer to the edge of pleasure. His other hand was caressing her breasts, teasing her nipples, and sending sparks of electricity through her body.

She felt her body quiver with anticipation as his fingers moved faster and faster, pushing her closer and closer to the edge. She could feel her orgasm building, and she let out a soft sigh of pleasure as the king’s fingers moved faster. Finally, she let out a loud moan as her orgasm hit her like a wave, and she felt her body shudder with pleasure.

The king smiled as he felt her body quiver beneath his touch, and he pulled her closer to him, pressing his lips against hers in a passionate kiss.
Tim and Deniece walked up to the queen’s door and knocked. The king opened the door, saw who it was, and welcomed them in. As they entered, Deniece noticed the queen’s dress was slightly pulled up around her waist, revealing her pussy. She
was taken aback by the queen’s boldness, but she was also curious.

The king then proceeded to explain to them why the queen was dressed in such a way. He told them that the queen had been feeling a bit naughty lately and wanted to show off her body. He also said that the queen was in the mood for some fun and wanted to invite them to join her.

Tim and Deniece were both a bit hesitant, but the queen’s charm and beauty won them over, and they agreed to join her.

The Queen rose gracefully from her chair, a mischievous glint in her eye. She began to undress, her gown slipping off her shoulders and falling to the floor. She continued to disrobe, her jewels twinkling in the candlelight as they were taken off.
The queen’s movements were graceful and alluring as she began to dance around the room. Her hips swayed and her feet moved in perfect time to a piece of music that only she could hear. Her body moved in a way that was mesmerizing to those watching.

The Queen put on a show like no other, her beauty and grace captivating everyone in the room. It was impossible to resist her because of how fluid her movements were and how contagious her energy was.

She slowly unbuttoned the front of her corset, allowing each person in the room to see what she was doing. As the buttons came undone, the corset parted, revealing her toned body. With the last button it dropped to the floor.

She held the bra cups against her breasts and started to slide the bra’s straps down her shoulders, allowing the entire thing to fall to the ground. Her nipples instantly became hard.

Everyone’s eyes were drawn to her 38-C breasts, as they stood out proudly.

She was in the living room, her body swaying to the music, her movements like waves. She moved around each person in the room, letting them get a closer look at her body. She stepped back into the center of the living room and began to lower her panties. As she did, her hips moved in a circular motion, making her body even more exposed. With each move of her hips, her panties got lower and lower until they were completely off. Now, she was in the center of the living room, completely naked, and her body was on full display. Everyone in the room was mesmerized by her grace and beauty. She continued to move around the room, her body becoming a canvas for everyone to admire. Her movements were like a dance, her body like a sculpture. She was the queen of the night, and everyone was in awe of her.

She moved toward Deniece, her body trembling in anticipation. She wanted to experience the pleasure of Deniece’s touch, and she could feel her pussy already getting wet. She placed her pussy within inches of Deniece’s face, allowing Deniece to smell her musky aroma.

Deniece’s hands moved around her body, exploring every inch of her, and her breath grew heavier with each touch.

She felt like she was melting in Deniece’s embrace, and her body responded to every one of her caresses. Deniece’s fingers moved around her clit, teasing and tantalizing her in ways that she had never experienced before. Her body quivered with pleasure, and she felt like she was in ecstasy. She felt like she was flying, and the pleasure that Deniece was giving her was unlike anything she had ever felt before. She moaned with pleasure as Deniece’s tongue explored her body, and she could feel her orgasm building.

She was feeling incredibly aroused, and she wanted her husband, the king, to feel it too. She moved away from Deniece and toward the king, who now sat on the couch. She placed her pussy in his face, pushing it back so he could feel her heat. He licked and kissed her, savoring her taste. She moaned and writhed in pleasure as he explored her body with his tongue. She felt the sensation of pleasure and satisfaction course through her veins, and she longed for more. She reached down and grabbed his hands, guiding them to her breasts and then to her inner thighs. His touch was gentle yet firm, and she could feel the strength of his desire for her.

She smiled at her husband and moved to Tim, who was sitting there with his cock in hand, eagerly awaiting her arrival. She could feel his anticipation as she slowly moved closer to him. She stopped just a few inches away from him, close enough to feel his heat against her skin, and looked into his eyes. She could see the desire and longing in his gaze, and she felt a surge of arousal course through her body. She leaned forward and lightly kissed his lips, feeling his hardness beneath her own. She moved her hands to his chest and then further down, lightly tracing the contours of his body before finally wrapping her fingers around his cock. She could feel his excitement as she began to move her hand in a slow, steady rhythm. Stopped and looked at Tim and smiled, saying, “Not yet.”

The queen stood up and turned to Deniece with a smile of admiration. She said, “Deniece, I believe it’s your turn.” She sat down next to her husband and grabbed ahold of his cock and held it tightly.

Deniece stood up and moved to the center of the living room, the music playing in her head. Taking a deep breath, she gracefully raised her arms and swayed her hips, her feet, and hands in perfect unison. She pulled up the hem of her dress slowly to show her glorious curves and shape, allowing everyone to take in her beauty before she let her dress gently drop to the floor. Her performance entranced everyone in the living room, and the queen was in awe of her talent. As Deniece continued to dance, she was in her own world, feeling the music in her heart and soul.

She began to remove the bra, a feeling of relief washing over her as she did so. Her 38DDD chest had been encased and confined in the tight fabric for far too long, and she welcomed the chance to let them free. As the bra came away, her breasts bounced and swayed with an enthusiasm that was both liberating and exhilarating. She could feel her blood rushing through her veins, the sensation of freedom and liberation overwhelming her. She felt lighter, more alive, and more connected to her body than she had in a long time. She took a deep breath and allowed herself to enjoy the moment. Her nipples became hard and stuck out half an inch.

Deniece’s 38DDD breasts mesmerized Tim, the king, and the queen. They had never seen such a perfect and ample size before. The curves of her breasts were like two perfect hills, and they could not help but admire the beauty of the sight before them. The queen felt a stirring in her loins, and the king felt his heart skip a beat. They both looked at each other, their mouths watering in anticipation. Deniece had no idea of the effect her curves were having on the two royal figures, and she continued to smile innocently. However, the king and queen were aware that they were in the presence of something truly exceptional, and the sight of her voluminous breasts could not help but make them feel aroused.

Deniece slowly and seductively turned her backside toward the king and queen, her eyes locking on theirs with a daring and confident gaze. She bent at the waist, her hands gripping either side of her hips, and pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her pink, glistening pussy and tight, round ass.

The king and queen were mesmerized, their mouths agape with desire and admiration. Deniece felt powerful and beautiful as she held this provocative pose for them, and soon they were both reaching out to touch her, their fingertips barely grazing her skin. She shivered with pleasure, and as they explored her body, she felt heat rising from her core, her arousal growing with each caress. This was an experience she would never forget, and she was proud to share this moment with the king and queen.
The Queen pulled Deniece closer, inching her face towards Deniece’s meandering wetness. Her tongue lingered for
a few moments on Deniece’s pussy lips before the Queen started to lick them, going faster and faster until each wave of her darting tongue sent sparks of pleasure through Deniece’s body. The Queen’s disarming caress sent waves of ecstasy coursing through Deniece’s veins, and as the Queen increased the intensity of her licking, Deniece started to make little moans and sighs of delight. The Queen kept going, her tongue sliding up and down, in and out, around and around, teasing and tantalizing Deniece’s sensitive cunt until she could take it no more and experienced a beautiful wave of pleasure rolling through her entire body.

Tim and the king were sitting in their chairs, watching the queen with a fascinated gaze as she pushed Deniece’s legs apart and licked and sucked eagerly at her pussy. They were both entranced and mesmerized by the queen’s passionate and insatiable appetite. Deniece was clearly enjoying it, moaning and breathing heavily as the queen explored her slit with her tongue. The sight couldn’t help but arouse the king, who wished he could be between them and feel their moist warmth as they moved in unison. But he enjoyed being able to witness such a wondrous lovemaking scene and relished the opportunity to see his wife and Tim’s girlfriend pleasure each other in such a way. Tim, on the other hand, was completely ecstatic. He had always heard the rumors that the queen was a wild animal in the bedroom, and her excitement toward Deniece was far beyond any of his own expectations. He could feel his cock hardening as he watched, wishing he could join their desires and experience such blissful pleasure.

Deniece was nervous to move away from the Queen, but she could not help the feelings that coursed through her. She slowly walked toward the king. He was looking at her with an air of anticipation, and Deniece felt anxious but eager in response. She opened her legs wide, allowing the king to kneel in front of her. He reached forward and ran his fingers through her soft curls, feeling the warmth of her slight frame beneath his hands. His fingers worked their way to her pussy, lightly grazing her lips before slipping just inside. Deniece released a slight sigh as the king explored her with his fingers, rubbing her tenderly before retreating, leaving her quivering in delight.
The King was gently pushing his fingers inside her as her breathing got heavier and deeper. His gentle caresses were stimulating her from the inside, and as her pleasure rose, the King took pleasure in her pleasure. He could feel her tightness and wetness as he moved his fingers around, exploring her pussy. His fingers continued to caress her walls with continued soft strokes, and the warmth of her soft tissue began to radiate around his fingertips. He began to press a little harder and started to explore further. His fingers pressed inward with firmer and stronger pushes, and soon he felt her beginning to respond and moan in pleasure to his touches. He could feel her walls contracting around his fingers, and he explored further, pushing deeper into her. His touches became more
passionate, and the intensity of his caresses grew with her rising pleasure. As his strokes moved faster and stronger, the king felt her body begin to tremble and shake until, finally, she experienced the rising bliss of orgasm.

Deniece gasped from the intensity of the orgasm the king had bestowed upon her. She stood, feeling the aftershocks radiating through her body, as she graciously thanked him. Then she looked over at Tim, standing there with an eager look on his face. She bent to kiss him as she ran her hands tenderly over his body. She whispered her submission of pleasure to him as she stood before him, offering her goddess energy to him. She opened her legs to him, revealing her wet pussy, a gateway to wonderful sensations, and waiting for him to fill her body with divine pleasure. Tim, feeling the potential ecstasy of this moment, accepted the offering without a word, instead letting his hands and mouth do the talking. He used his hands to explore her body, intensifying her passion, and his tongue danced around her nipples, promising her the intense pleasure that was sure to come. As Deniece was filled with anticipation and desire, the king stood and watched, giving his approval with a satisfied nod of his head.

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