The Maintenance Man Book 1
Chapter 1

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Mark had come a long way. Starting at the bottom he had learned everything that he could. As a child he had been concidered tall and clumsy, many of his classmates had made fun of him when he walked as he wasn’t able to walk in a straight line. Something to do with his inner balance and the fact that it had been thrown off ever since his parents had moved the family to the furtherest corners of hell as he put it. His mother and father were diplomats and went where they were sent by earth’s government.

So Mark suffered in silence, his only solace was the fact that his mother and sister loved him as much as they did, if not for them Mark didn’t feel he would have made it. Moving forward in line he had been surprised when the government of Deplofina had asked for him in particular (he felt his parents had a hand in that.) When he had gone for the interview it had been as he expected the government had only offered him the job as a ploy to get his father to side with them in negotiations they were having with their long time enemy that they were still at war with.

So Mark had politely told them no and then had been threatened that he would never find a job now, how they had laughed at him as he had left the building. He knew though that they would have been begging him had they known what he had seen, hurring away he didn’t want to be near when the main power failed and they would be looking at him as the easiest target to blame for their own incompetence. Mark hopped the fastest shuttle he could find and was at the space port in line to board a freighter out when the news came in that the power grid for the capital building had shut down.

Switching to hyper space, the ship accelerated as Mark sat back and enjoyed the feeling, it was as he had remembered it. Three hours later they were many many days from the planet when the hyper drive shut down and the ship was a drift. The captain came over the loud speaker and informed all the paid passengers that they were having mechanical difficulties. Mark smirked, he knew what was wrong at least what he had felt before the shut down he remained calm for the 4 hours that saw eveyone rushing back and forth. Finally after 10 hours with everyone panicing on board Mark made his way to the captain’s cabin.

Speaking to the engineer that passed him he told him that he wanted to see the captain that he was a maintenance man, the engineer’s eyes got huge as he rushed into the cabin and only moments later the captain came running back to him.

“Are you really a maintenance man? Can you repair or maintain the engines? I really don’t want to die this far from a planet” he whispered to Mark.

Mark calmly walked to the engine room with the captain and engineer in tow looked around and reacehed out to tap a panel. the board lit up and Mark stared at the readings. He walked to the other side of the room and grasped a cable that was barley connected and pushed it back in as the reactor started to come to life.

Next he moved to the reactor itself and looked at another panel, he noticed that the air purification system was already working again and the heat was back on, as the room became much less stuffy. Looking at the power supply he saw that it was only half way filled that was odd, so he went back to the reactor and then he noticed the REAL problem, half of the fuel had NOT been loaded into the reactor core. Mark started to laugh it wasn’t even that elaborate of a sabotage, ha had learned to fix things like this the first year he started. The captain and the engineer looked at him like he was crazy but they knew that he might be their only hope.

Mark loaded the rest of the energy rods as the reacator started to hum back to life. Mark walked away and looked back at the captain and told him that the ship had been sabotaced. He needed to have it looked into Mark told them that he was a first class maintenance man, his license number and repair coding number. As they scurried away, he shouted that the ship was ready to go and that he wanted to get where he was going as soon as possible. Sitting back in his seat a few moments later he waited. Soon the ship was moving again as Mark waited and the ship jumped again.

The captain walked back a half an hour later and motioned for Mark to come forward. As he neared the engineer shook his hand and thank him as he hadn’t known about the power supply or how to fix it.

“You are probably the only engineer that does now, remember it isn’t always something complicated in this case it was a power connector that was undone and half of the material for the reactor not loaded this was very simple but now you know more than most engineers.” The captain had a very interesting story for him.

“Your passage has been paid in full your credits refunded and 30,000 more added to your account this was a new ship and they are glad it wasn’t lost and they are starting an investigation.” he gruffy whispered out, “they would appreciate it if you didn’t mention this to anyone and the promise of another 40,000 credits have been marked to go into your account.”

Mark was a little surprised for being paid for something this easy he or that they even thanked him, then he remembered that they didn’t know that the engineer he had shown the repairs to, was probably the most mechanically knowing person here (and that was bad because there were a ton of other things that cold go wrong) So he sat and enjoyed the crew coming by and thanking him every few seconds. Nearing their destination the captain pulled him aside and told him that the company had offered him a job. Mark thought about it a few seconds then declined as he said that he had made promises to others.

Leaving the shuttle after the freighter here, Mark walked to the tall building ahead of him. He looked down at his comp again and shook his head this place was a disaster the machines that repaired the building were idle, the trash bots were idle, oh my god! did nothing work here at all? Walking in he was greeted by a brand new aid bot and even it was not at full capacity, Mark shook his head at the state of disrepair. He was led to a small man sitting in an ancient looking throne room. As the man sighed he looked Mark up and down. “Sooo you are the maintenance man and you really think you can fix things here?” he sneered, “as if you can do better than the best engineers in the world.”

Pissed off, Mark grabbed the man by the scruff of the neck and stared into his face as he calmly said “ok you little pompous little prick,” he almost spit in his face, “I can repair almost anything, not set it up REPAIR it, so far everything I have seen on the way in I CAN repair, but if you are going to be a piss ant about it, then I’ll just let this place fall down to hell, with you in it!”

Shoving him back into his seat Mark turned and started to storm out. The man quickly ran after him and dropped to his knees in front of him begging Mark to stay. Mark was about to kick the man in the face when a vision on a goddess walked out from behind the throne and asked Mark not to.

“You have to forgive father, he isn’t used to people being what they say they are. As you can see the last few almost brought down this place.” Pausing she looked intensely at him, “I am the king’s assisstant he won’t litsen to me maybe he will to you”

“For you I will stay and fix this place not this” he motioned to the man on the floor who was now a quivering blubbering mass of flesh at his feet, “but it will cost you alot more”

“Done as long as you do the work you will be very handsomely rewarded,” as she grabbed his hand and stared at his rapidly growing erection, “very much so.”

Mark turned blood red with embarrassement, “I apologise for that I don’t usually have this problem,” as he turned to hide his erection. The assisstant leaned over his shoulder to watch as he adjusted his cock.

“It’s ok, you are a man it happens,” as she smiled at his naivete, she almost thought he was a virgin.

“Wait, you said farther, then you are a princess.” he said shocked.

Laughing she looked at him as he slightly shrunk from her, oh my god! as old as he was he was a virgin! she never would have thought that. “No, I am not, we all call the king father it’s just something he wanted us to do.” she stated like it was a well known thing.

“I’d rather not I wasn’t on good terms with my father and I will not call him or anyone else that,” he looked at her heaving breasts, her slender waist, and her deep deep blue eyes, as she reached for his hand again to shake.

Sighing she nodded “ok that will be alright just fix this place, nothing really works”

“What about all the people he hired?” Mark replied.

She started to laugh “as you can see they obviously don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.”

Mark just nodded as she took him to the central control room. Leaving him there he started the long prossess of repairing the bots first, after 20 hours he had enough repaired to actually run things and set up guards. Sleeping 4 hours, later he got up and started again first working on the communication array, then the outer shields, finally the automated protection systems so that the building was finally safe.

After a week he had almost the entire building working again, the outside had been repaired by the auto repair bots. Mark fell into his bed exhausted glad he had taken that last year of instruction, as many of these systems were newer and he wouldn’t have gotten done without the knowledge. Though he hadn’t seen the woman assisstant or the king, he had felt their presence many times throughout the week. As he lay there he thought of her, hell he didn’t even know her name, but god she had gotten his cock to rise something no woman had done since he had walked in on his his mother and sister in the bathroom. They had just gotten out of the shower together and were drying off when he had walked in, staring at their naked bodies had made him painfully hard.

When his mother and sister had yelled at him, he had been embarrassed so bad that he had left that day and hadn’t called, wrote or gone back home. He had also sworn off women as he was always was red faced when he was around them that first year. So he had hardened his heart, that at times he was as emotional as a computer. It had helped to alienate him from all women and he hadn’t had to worry about sex, he had just concentrated on learning which was why he had been at the top of his class that not many had graduated from. Twelve hours later he woke up and checked the progress of everything, 2 hours later 95% of everything was done, the rest, the system could finish.

Looking for the king and his assisstant Mark was ready to move on, drawing closer to where he had met them the first day, he heard arguing coming from the room. Entering, he saw several men standing over the king with guns drawn, walking to a side panel he tapped a screen and saw that the system was hacked and got pissed. Activating the anti-hack system the bots began to move in from all direction there was shouting and firing from the men. Mark looked in and saw the shield around the king, as the men fired at him, right before the bots froze them all with the paralysis beams that Mark had installed on them.

The guards moved in, the men stared at Mark as they were taken away asking them who he was they explained that he was the new maintenance man and they stared mouths agape then they started to curse each other saying that they should have known that they couldn’t beat a fully operational palace. Mark just stared at them Palace? this little dump was a palace? Mark started to laugh harder than he ever had so hard in fact he had to brace his self against the wall. The assisstant walked up to him with a questioning look on her face.

“What the hell is so funny? I don’t see the humor in any of this” she shouted at him threatening to slap him.

“This,” he said between gasping laughs “is not a palace, this dump is more of a hovel without the whores” The assisstant smirked and almost started to laugh her self

“You obviously haven’t seen the second floor” as she too started to chuckle.

“Oh?” started Mark “he has them up there?”

“Yes they come and go but not as easily these days, they are scanned each time now and if there is any doubt, then they aren’t allowed in.”

“So I am here for payment the cost is double miss...” he stopped for a moment he had been here for over a week and still didn’t know her name.

“It’s Nissie and we have to talk about that uh...” nissie was visibly shaken as she tried to continue, “the king doesn’t have all the money that he owes you, he has asked me to see if there was any other type of payment that you would take to compensate,” Mark looked at her as she was visibly afraid.

“There isn’t really anything that I need or that I want, I can build almost anything I want” as he looked back at nissie he saw that she was shaking even more so he stopped and turned to her “why are you so afraid?”

“You can hurt this kingdom so much, we just got it back together and with a few words you and you alone could tear it back down.” again she shook as she looked down from his face ashamed that she had to do what she would probably have to do but for the kingdom she’d do anything. “Mr. Mark I offer myself to you as your slave to do as you wish” she breathed out as she looked at the floor prepared for her life to end as she awaited his words.

Mark was shocked, a slave? Fuck that, he didn’t want a slave he had enough to do with fixing machines, he didn’t need his space fucked up with a chatty fucking female. “First off I don’t want a slave, let alone a female I have no use for them they are useless to me and...”

“Useless!” she screamed at him “I would have you know that I am more than useful you louse!” she had reached a fever pitch as her screaming was almost to the hysterical point.

“Look just pay me and I am gone” he shouted back, as he had almost slapped her to calm her down.

“Hey jackass I told you he doesn’t have the money!” she shouted back

“Then I’ll just take all the repairs off that I have done,” he calmly replied.

Suddenly getting quiet she whispered “no you can’t please this week is the first time in years that he has been safe and has gotten as much work done as he has. He has done more this week than he did all year last year.” Tears were streaming down her face as she clutched at him

“I don’t need this ok? Just tell him to give me half and I’ll be back in two years he can sign a note that he will pay me or the knigdom is mine.”

Nissie shook again as she was afraid that he would want something like this. “Ok, here’s the deal, he wants you to stay here and keep this palce going”

“WHAT!!!?? I fucking don’t think so, I have appointments for the next year I can’t break my word, I won’t be out of system so if he needs me then I will be nearby but I will not break contracts as I kept yours, I WILL keep those.” he was visibly mad now to think that royalty would want him to break a contract.

“You can have me as payment I can be your assisstant as you work and I can share your bed at night”

“Uh ... why?” he replied shocked at what she had said.

“For sex hello!? you know your baser needs your carnal wants” oh my god she thought, he really WAS a virgin.

“I don’t have those or even want those it sounds unnecessary and messy” he replied as his face scrunched up at the thought.

“Oh my god you are a virgin!” she almost shouted. Grabbing her by the throat her shushed her as he whispered in her ear.

“Shut the fuck up or I’ll take the kingdom now in a breach of contract.” growling he released her as her breasts rubbed his arm as he was letting her go, damn but they were soft as he shook his head to clear his head but the feel of her came back to him.

“I’m sorry Mark I didn’t mean to upset you. Please forgive me” touching her throat the tears began to fall anew and she threw her self at his feet. “I am still your slave take me or sell me it is your right.”

Looking back at the king, Mark almost felt hatred toward the man as Nissie led him away from the chamber toward her room. As they approached Nissie used her code to enter her room and led Mark in.

“This is my room where we can negotiate. You can sleep here in a real bed and decide what you want to do with me and everything else” Mark sighed as he fell into her bed and was falling asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. A slave he thought. shit now what am I to do as sleep took him.

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