Breeder Ships

by Ernest Bywater

Tags: Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic, Futuristic, Violence,

Desc: Science Fiction Story: A breeder male joins a cruise ship for his regular cruise, but slightly out of his normal cycle. He encounters some difficulties which require him to make known some things he'd previously kept quiet as he starts to make some significant changes in his life while dealing with the difficulties he encounters. - To understand the background to this story, please read Breeder World first.

Cover - Cruise Ship

Story originally written by Cazna Rochester in 2008, from an idea by Ernest, with some later revisions. In 2012 Cazna asked Ernest Bywater to revise and edit the story, and transferred the copyright to him as well.

Cover Art

The background image of Queen Mary 2 is by Tobias Mohr and put in the public domain by him. The trimming, manipulation, and adding of text is by Ernest Bywater. All rights to the cover image are reserved by the copyright owners.

13 September 2016 Edition

I use a Chapter Title, a Sub-chapter Title, and a section title.

Table of Contents
Dream Princess
All Aboard

Good Catch
Changing Fortunes

Delightful Diversion
Cabin Capers

Good Clean Fun
Pool Games
Follow Up

New Arrangements
The Punishment Starts

First Rides
Brad’s Lessons
Doctor and Pool
Evening Entertainment

Tuesday Morning
News Break
Evening Exercises

Foolish Fellows
The Hearing

The News
Dinner and Afters

Fun is Games

Appendix: Dream Princess

I use a Chapter Title, a Sub-chapter Title, and a section title.

Dream Princess

World Cruise Lines (WCL) has the biggest fleet of breeder cruise ships in use, and the highest percentage of ships as breeder ships of any line. They operate half the breeder cruise ships afloat, and they make sure they’ve the best services with the best ship designs available at the time of launching. Most cruise lines have only one or two breeder ships in a fleet of twenty or more cruise ships. WCL has thirty-two cruise ships in operation, twenty are normal holiday cruise ships while twelve are breeder ships. The breeder ships are similar to holiday cruise ships, but bookings are restricted to breeder males and for four weeks or more. The fees are higher, and the ships have large dormitories for the breeding females, with all the relevant extra services. Accommodations and services on the cruise ships are based on the six universal grades of A to F. The ships have boutique shops, pools, gyms, and a large range of entertainment facilities for the passengers and crew. Ships pick up and drop off passengers every week at set ports on their itinerary. WCL provides transport to or from a breeder’s home city; thus, people can sail away from a home port and fly back, or fly out and sail back. The ships circle the world, and take a year for each worldwide cruise. A four week cruise is called a ‘Sector, ‘ and the worldwide cruise is known as the ‘Full Circle’ or ‘Circle, ‘ as it circles the world, and it takes a year to do the Circle.

Like all such operations each ship has its loyal clients who say it’s the best ship afloat. Many passengers switch ships on each trip while others stay with a favourite ship for most or all of their trips - after they find that ship. Many passengers get attached to particular ships. Thus, when a ship is taken out of service and retired the bookings for the last cruise are very tight indeed, since many regulars with close attachments to the ships often change their schedules to be part of the historic last cruise. Ship retirements are decided on, and announced, over a year in advance, to give people time to plan for the trip. Some decide to make the last trip a Full Circle trip, or as much of the Circle as they can fit in.

The very latest of the WCL breeder ships is the ‘Dream Princess, ‘ just over five years old, she has larger cabins - all rooms one tenth bigger than other cruise ships, and more recreational facilities than any other ship afloat. She spends nearly all her time at sea cruising the world, and docking in port once a week for passengers and stores - food, drink, etc. Like all cruise ships she has a major refit and service during her sixth year of service, the services usually takes three to four months in the refit dock. Dream Princess is just out of her first dockyard servicing and about to embark on her first cruise of this new period.

WCL is well known for its quality of service and client focus. The Dream Princess is now the premier breeder cruise ship for WCL, so it’s no accident she has a reputation of having the best crew and services. Because of all this the passengers don’t mind paying one tenth more to sail on her, because the facilities and service standards are almost the same as the next higher standard on any other ship while not quite the same price as going up a grade on another ship. Dream Princess, called ‘The Dream’ by her regulars, has a much higher percentage of returning regular passengers than others; and this is more obvious in the lower grade cabins where the better facilities and standards are much more noticeable to the clients, and very much more appreciated by them.

All Aboard

It’s just after nine o’clock on a Monday morning when Lane Host boards Dream Princess for his twice a year cruise for a four week holiday, except it’s been nine months since his last cruise in The Dream. He sailed in The Dream on her first cruise, and every six months until he had to miss her on his last scheduled cruise, because she was in the dockyard for a routine service and refit. This is her first cruise since servicing. Because he’s out of his normal six month cruise cycle he wasn’t able to get his usual E class room, because all the E class rooms and below are booked by regulars. In order to be in the first of this new series of cruises he’s paying extra to sail D class, upgrading one level. He can afford better, but prefers to be amongst the lower deck people. Being very familiar with the ship and her crew he’s greeted by all the long term staff while he makes his own way to his cabin; he always has a friendly word or two for each crew member he meets along the way.

Lane is a forty-two year old very successful businessman who’s very careful with his money. Most people call him Lane or Mr Host. His full name is Evelane James Host-Wright; only his closest business friends call him EJ, and only those intent on suicide call him Eve or Evelane. He doesn’t cut an imposing figure - he’s of average height, solid build, light hair, blue eyes; he looks very ordinary. However, he’s very far from ordinary, he’s Registered Breeder MA489765 - the most virile male breeder alive. Every child he’s sired is fertile, every fertile female he’s had sex with becomes pregnant in only a few sexual encounters, and none have had a miscarriage. What’s most important to the world government is ninety percent of his children are male and fertile, the next closest breeder has a thirty percent male offspring rate with a sixty percent fertility rate. The World Council doesn’t publicise names, but does print breeder statistics by the breeder’s registration numbers. Lane keeps himself fit with a good exercise regime, he’s a registered martial artist who competed at the highest levels when younger, and also an Olympic Gold Medal Pistol Champion; not someone to casually pick a fight with, and expect to win. His pistol shooting and martial arts are public knowledge, because he competed under his general use name of Lane Host. He hasn’t competed at those levels for the last seven years, but he does maintain his skills through diligent practice and regular exercise.

Male breeders are required to keep up an average of one hundred and twenty pregnancies per annum, sixty every six months. Most do this by holiday visits to breeder farms or ships every six months. To keep up his rate Lane had to take a four week cruise on another ship, ‘The Queen Alice, ‘ three months ago. Breeders can exceed the minimum rate in a period, but they can’t ‘bank’ extras from one period to the next. He’s glad to be back on-board The Dream, and he’s heard they have a whole new group of girls on their first breeding cruise. Maybe this time he can find quite a few girls he really likes, and he can train them to his own preferences from the start.

Having placed his luggage in his cabin Lane returns to the open deck. The new breeding staff are due to arrive soon, and he likes to watch the new staff coming aboard. You can tell a lot about a person by watching how they board the ship, how they treat the other crew, and how they interact with each other.

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