Breeder Ships

by Ernest Bywater

All rights reserved copyright 2008 by Cazna Rochester and Ernest Bywater

Science Fiction Story: A breeder male joins a cruise ship for his regular cruise, but slightly out of his normal cycle. He encounters some difficulties which require him to make known some things he'd previously kept quiet as he starts to make some significant changes in his life while dealing with the difficulties he encounters. - To understand the background to this story, please read Breeder World first.

Tags: Science Fiction   Post Apocalyptic   Futuristic   Violence  

Cover - Cruise Ship

Story originally written by Cazna Rochester in 2008, from an idea by Ernest, with some later revisions. In 2012 Cazna asked Ernest Bywater to revise and edit the story, and transferred the copyright to him as well.

Cover Art

The background image of Queen Mary 2 is by Tobias Mohr and he put in the public domain. The trimming, manipulation, and adding of text is by Ernest Bywater. All rights to the cover image are reserved by the copyright owners.

16 June 2021 version

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Table of Contents

The Disorders
A Changed World
Dream Princess
All Aboard

Good Catch
Changing Fortunes

Delightful Diversion
Cabin Capers

Good Clean Fun
Pool Games
Follow Up

New Arrangements
The Punishment Starts

First Rides
Brad’s Lessons
Doctor and Pool
Evening Entertainment

Tuesday Morning
News Break
Evening Exercises

Foolish Fellows
The Hearing

The News
Dinner and Afters

Fun is Games

Appendix: Dream Princess

Dream Princess

World Cruise Lines (WCL) has the biggest fleet of breeder cruise ships in use and with the highest percentage of ships as breeder ships of any line. They operate half of the breeder cruise ships afloat and they make sure they’ve the best services with the best ship designs available at the time of launching. Most cruise lines have only one or two breeder ships in a fleet of twenty or more cruise ships. WCL has thirty-two cruise ships in operation: twenty are normal holiday cruise ships while twelve are breeder ships. The breeder ships are similar to holiday cruise ships but the bookings are restricted to breeder males and the trips are set for four weeks or more. The fees are higher and the ships have large dormitories on-board for the breeding females with all of the relevant extra services. Accommodations and services on the cruise ships are based on the six universal grades of A to F. The ships have boutique shops, pools, gyms, and a large range of entertainment facilities for the passengers and crew. Ships pick up and drop off passengers every week at set ports on their itinerary. WCL provides transport to or from a breeder’s home city; thus people can sail away from a home port and fly back or fly out and sail back, or sail between any other two ports. The ships circle the world and they take a year for each worldwide cruise. A four week cruise is called a ’Sector’ and the worldwide cruise is known as the ’Full Circle’ or ’Circle’ as it circles the world and it takes a year to do the Circle.

Like all such operations each ship has its loyal clients who say it’s the best ship afloat. Many passengers switch ships on each trip while other passengers stay with a favourite ship for most or all of their trips, after they find that ship. Many passengers get attached to particular ships. Thus, when a ship is taken out of service and retired the bookings for the last cruise are very tight indeed because many of the regulars with a close attachment to the ship will often change their schedules to be part of the historic last cruise of the ship. Ship retirements are decided on and announced over a year in advance to give people time to plan for the trip. Some decide to make the last trip a Full Circle trip or as much of the Circle as they can fit in to their other life requirements.

The very latest of the WCL breeder ships is the ’Dream Princess’ which is just over five years old. She has larger cabins than other ships as all of the rooms are one tenth bigger than other cruise ships, plus she has more recreational facilities than any other ship afloat. She spends nearly all of her time at sea cruising the world and docking in port once a week for passengers to disembark, embark, or to see places while the crew collects stores of food, drink, etc. Like all of the cruise ships she has all of her major maintenance checks and any refit work done during her sixth year of operation with the servicing of the ship usually taking three to four months in the refit dock. Dream Princess is just out of her first dockyard servicing and is about to embark on her first cruise of this new operational period.

WCL is well known for its quality of service and client focus. The Dream Princess is now the premier breeder cruise ship for WCL so it’s no accident she has a reputation of having the best crew and services. Due to all of this the passengers don’t mind paying one tenth more to sail on her because the facilities and service standards are almost the same as the next higher standard on any other ship while being not quite the same price as going up a grade on another ship. Dream Princess, called ’The Dream’ by her regulars, has a much higher percentage of returning regular passengers than any other ship afloat. This is most obvious in the lower grade cabins where the better facilities and higher quality of the standards are much more noticeable to the clients and they’re very much appreciated by the passengers.

All Aboard

It’s just after nine o’clock on a Monday morning when Lane Host boards Dream Princess for his twice a year cruise for a four week holiday, except it’s been nine months since his last cruise in The Dream. He sailed in The Dream on her first cruise and every six months until he had to miss her on his last scheduled cruise because she was in the dockyard for a routine service and refit. This is her first cruise since servicing. Because he’s out of his normal six month cruise cycle he wasn’t able to get his usual E class room because all of the E class rooms and the rooms below E class are already booked by other regulars. In order to be in the first of this new series of cruises he’s paying extra to upgrade one level to sail in a D class room. He can afford better but he prefers to be amongst the lower deck people. Being very familiar with the ship and her crew he’s greeted by all of the long term staff while he makes his own way to his cabin. Lane always has a friendly word or two for each crew member he meets along the way.

Lane is a forty-two year old very successful businessman who’s very careful with his money. Most people call him Lane or Mr Host. His full name is Evelane James Host-Wright; only his closest business friends call him EJ and only those intent on suicide call him Eve or Evelane. He doesn’t cut an imposing figure as he’s of average height, solid build, light hair, blue eyes; he looks very ordinary. However, he’s very far from ordinary because he’s Registered Breeder MA489765 - the most virile male breeder alive. Every child he’s sired is fertile, every fertile female he’s had sex with becomes pregnant in only a few sexual encounters and none have had a miscarriage. What’s most important to the world government is ninety percent of his children are male and fertile, the next closest breeder has a thirty percent male offspring rate with a sixty percent fertility rate. The World Council doesn’t publicise names but it does print breeder statistics by the breeder’s registration numbers. Lane keeps himself fit with a good exercise regime as he’s a registered martial artist who competed at the highest levels when younger. He’s also an Olympic Gold Medal Pistol Champion. He’s not someone to casually pick a fight with and expect to win. His pistol shooting and martial arts are public knowledge because he competed under his general use name of Lane Host. He hasn’t competed at those levels for the last seven years but he does maintain his skills through diligent practice and regular exercise.

Male breeders are required to keep up an average of one hundred and twenty pregnancies per annum, sixty every six months. Most do this by holiday visits to breeder farms or ships every six months. To keep up his rate Lane had to take a four week cruise on another ship, ’The Queen Alice,’ three months ago. Breeders can exceed the minimum rate in a period but they can’t ’bank’ extras from one period to the next. He’s glad to be back on-board The Dream and he’s heard they have a whole new group of girls on their first breeding cruise. Maybe this time he can find quite a few girls he really likes and then he can train them to his own preferences from the start.

Having placed his luggage in his cabin Lane returns to the open deck. The new breeding staff are due to arrive soon and he likes to watch the new staff coming aboard. You can tell a lot about a person by watching how they board the ship, how they treat the other crew, and how they interact with each other.

From the lowest open deck rail, which is aft on C deck, Lane watches the hundreds of breeder girls and women board where he sees many he finds very attractive and some old favourites. He also sees many whose behaviour to the regular staff leaves a lot to be desired. The rumour was true as over half of the girls are so young this must be their first cruise, so they’ve got to be straight out of the training centres or the group just before. One girl catches his eye: average height, slight build, pert breasts, startling blue eyes, long blond hair that reaches to her cute bum, and nice legs. She’s very fit, moves with much more grace than most of the other girls, and she’s polite to all of the older staff as well.

Turning, he looks around and spots a steward he knows well. Lane calls her over. Pointing at the blond he gives the steward his cabin number and says, “Manny, please register a preference for me for that long haired blond, snag her a.s.a.p. and bring her to my cabin as soon as you can.”

The steward smiles, “Certainly, Lane, a most scrumptious choice. Wise to snag her before the top deckers drop by to have a look.” Manny has crewed The Dream since she hit the water and they know each other very well. She’s also a retired breeder who had six children by Lane. She leaves to make sure the girl bypasses the rest of the boarding and viewing walk since Manny really likes Lane because he’s very nice, treats the girls well, and he gives them good tips. She knows Lane will be better for the girl than most of the other breeders, especially as one of her first male contacts and sex partners.

Good Catch

Steward Manning catches up with the girl at the bunk assignment desk. The woman at the desk is surprised to see Manny and says, “Hey, Manny, what are you doing here as you’re no longer eligible.”

She smiles, “On special assignment, Jen. As I’m sure you know, the smart boys watch the girls board instead of waiting for the official showing walks. One of the best wants me to snag this one now for an early start.”

Jen raises her eyebrows and looks at the girl in front of her, “Must be your lucky day, girl. All Manny has to do is get your number and enter his preference request. But she’s come down here to spirit you away for him. Which means he must be one of the really nice ones, otherwise she wouldn’t do it. If she leaves you to take the full trip and walk a higher decker may override him.” She hands over the bunking assignment key card and turns to Manny to say, “First, you take her down to the bunks, put her things away, and show her about.” Manny nods her agreement.

Leading her down the back way to crew’s quarters Manny explains the ship’s layout and the bunking system while they avoid all of the other passengers during their walk. She shows the girl the staff cafeteria, showers, and toilets on their way to her bunk. Beside each bunk is a small locker for her personal things. The girl puts her small bag away and goes to check her make-up. Manny stops her, “Lane doesn’t like a lot of make-up.” The girl opens her mouth to protest because the training centres emphasis the use of cosmetics. Manny waves her hand, “I know what you’ve been taught, been there. This man doesn’t like it, I know as he gave me five lovely boys and a beautiful girl.”

The girl smiles because she realises her guide is an ex-breeder and won’t steer her wrong, especially about this man. Taking her to the booking register computer Manny has the girl log into her quarters. She swears when she notices the girl is Amber tagged for six weeks. That means she has all of the approvals but she isn’t required for compulsory mating for another six weeks, voluntary sex only. Kissing, fondling, caressing, and everything up to, but not including, full sex; unless the girl gives clear verbal approval to the Purser or a senior crew member beforehand. This is to allow the new girls time to adjust to being with males due to not having met any while growing up or in training. Manny records Lane’s preference and logs the girl out to him. On the way to the cabin she says, “This man, Lane, is one of the best. I noticed you’re Amber so I strongly recommend you give him the green light and you pay close attention to all he tells you. He’ll see you right.” Arriving at his cabin Manny knocks and Lane opens the door. Manny shows the girl in, “Sorry I took so long, Lane, but I had to book her in.” He just nods since he knows how the system works. Reaching forward he hands her a marker while she says, “She’s Amber, do you still want her?”

Smiling, Lane simply motions his hand in a circle. The girl smiles and does a slow turn for him because she’s used to this. He motions faster so she spins faster and her hair swings out. He laughs when he holds his hand up for her to stop and she does. Stepping toward her he caresses her face with his right hand. His touch is very light and gentle, almost light enough to tickle, she leans into the touch and closes her eyes. He slides the hand down her throat and down to her left breast, she takes a very deep breath. His touch is so gentle, soft, and sensuous - nothing in the training centre was ever like this so her smile widens. His left hand fondles her right breast and she sighs with pleasure at his soft touch. For a few minutes they stand there as she sighs while he fondles her breasts. Manny smiles as she can see it’s obvious the girl is enjoying her first contact from a male simply because Lane is so gentle and soft. She remembers his touch well and sighs in fond memory. Lane looks at Manny and smiles at her. He slides his hands down the girl’s sides to slip his fingers inside the bottom edge of her top and he lifts it up. Without opening her eyes the girl raises her arms to allow him to take the top off her. She’s not wearing a bra because breeders aren’t allowed to except when breast feeding, he smiles while he moves his hands back to her breasts. She sighs again because the direct contact is even better than before and she thought it couldn’t get any better; until now. Leaning forward he kisses her left breast, opening his mouth he takes it in to give it a gentle suck. Both nipples come erect and are very stiff. Sucking on her left nipple he pinches her right nipple with his thumb and forefinger. Her body stiffens when she shudders and gives a low scream while her first male induced orgasm flashes through her body. He has a big smile when he lowers her into a chair to recover.

Turning around he sees Manny still standing there with one hand inside her blouse and the other inside her skirt stimulating herself. Watching Lane with the girl has brought back the memories of the many times he did that to her. They were the best sexual experiences of her very experienced life. The marker he gave her is lying on the floor, dropped from her hand, unnoticed, while she remembers those many very enjoyable events over the past several years.

Grinning, Lane walks over to close the cabin door. He picks up the marker and puts it on the table. Turning to Manny he slides his hand in beside hers to fondle her breast. Stepping up to her he kisses her and she responds. He undresses her while kissing and caressing her body all over as he strips her. With all her clothes on the table he moves Manny to the bed. Laying her down he places her hand on her pussy and he pushes her fingers inside. She goes back to stimulating herself. She hasn’t opened her eyes since she closed them when Lane started sucking on the girl’s breast and she imagined it was hers he was sucking again. Returning to the girl Lane makes sure she’s awake and watching. He removes her shorts and panties. He places her hand on her pussy and pushes her fingers inside so she can stimulate herself. On his way back to the bed he undresses. The girl’s eyes widen at the sight of his penis as it’s longer and wider than the average sized models in the centre. None of the training tools are this big. Going to the bed he leans over Manny to fondle and suck her breasts before he kisses his way down her body. He moves her hand away from her pussy and sucks on her clit. She heaves and screams when she has an orgasm. Climbing on the bed he spreads her legs wider while he places his penis at the entrance to her vagina. Turning his head to look at the girl he locks eyes with her for a moment. He nods his head downward and she lowers her sight to see his penis poised at the entrance to Manny’s vagina. He watches her while she concentrates on observing him and Manny.

Taking a good hold of Manny’s hips he lifts them a little before he thrusts forward to embed himself to the hilt in her tight, wet vagina. It’s all she needs so she heaves up screaming, “Yes,” while she locks her thighs around his hips and he goes into a fast thrusting motion. In a few minutes of sex she orgasms many times and he soon reaches his own to fill her with his seed. The feel of his warm semen in her causes Manny to open her eyes. She orgasms again when she realises Lane is really in her and fucking her; that it’s not just a fond memory of their previous encounters. Throwing her arms around him she hugs him tight while she comes again. Since the doctors declared she’s too old to breed, seven months ago, she’s really missed the feeling of this moment: the feeling of pleasure washing through her body when she feels a man filling her with his manhood and sperm while they hug each other.

Noticing Lane is looking to the side she turns her head to see what he’s looking at. The girl is there with her legs wide and her hand in her pussy while she comes due to being stimulated by watching them. Lane turns back to Manny, kisses her, and is gentle while he brings her down from her sexual high. Withdrawing from her he smiles. She moves around on the bed to take his dick in her mouth to lick and suck on it while she cleans it. Lane is the only man she’ll do this for because he keeps himself clean and he tastes good. But, mostly, she does it as a thank you for the great pleasure he gives her. Most of the other men she had sex with didn’t care if she enjoyed the act or not while Lane always makes sure she does enjoy it a lot.

When he stands up Lane motions her to stay lying down. Walking over to the girl he removes her hand from her pussy as she’s had several orgasms and is just too tired to remove it. He lifts her up and carries her to the bed. Placing her on the bed he puts her face into Manny’s pussy and says, “Now, my Little Minx, show me how well you eat pussy to suck my sperm out of this one.” The girl looks up at him since this isn’t in the training books. Turning her face to Manny’s pussy he tells her how to do what he wants her to do. Following his instructions she sticks her tongue out and into Manny’s pussy. It has a different taste and texture to any of the girls she’d experimented with at the centre, which is against the centre rules. She does as told. Soon she has trouble keeping her tongue in Manny’s pussy when Manny orgasms again and again. Lifting the girl’s head up he tells her to lie down. Knowing Lane, Manny needs no more signals so she moves around to eat the girl to three orgasms.

Leaving the girl on the bed he takes Manny into the shower and they wash each other. While she dries he retrieves the girl from the bed to wash her all over. He dries her. Now recovered and clean they once again stand in the main cabin. Manny dresses while he examines the girl. Turning to Manny he says, “Amber or not, I’m keeping her for the whole trip.” Manny almost trips at this as he must really like her looks and behaviour to say that so soon. She darts a glance at the girl and the girl looks stunned because she knows what this means: no being called out at short notice to attend anyone who wants a quick feel or sex, good tips, plus level food, and plenty of rest. The bonuses will help as well, and Manny knows the tips she’ll get will also help since not many tip the girls while Lane does and he tips well too.

Lane dresses and has the girl dress. He picks up the twenty marker he gave Manny earlier. She doesn’t mind because the sex was worth much more to her. She’s stunned when he hands her a one hundred marker while saying, “That love making brought back some delicious memories, thank you.” The girl is stunned by the tip and his thanking Manny for sex since she was taught to thank the man. They leave the cabin.

While they walk to the Purser’s Office Lane says, “Well, Minx, did you like your introduction to real sex? Will you green light me? And are there any more like you in the dorms?” They walk in silence while the girl thinks.

Just before they reach the Purser’s Office they come across the Chief Steward. She gives Manny a stern look and motions her to go with her. Lane is quick to place a hand on Manny’s arm to halt her movement while saying, “Excusing me, Chief Steward, but whatever duty Steward Manning is derelict in is my fault. I had her help me with this new girl. If there’s a penalty or charge please place it on my account.” The Chief Steward is surprised because this type of event is common, but never before has a passenger ever admitted to being at fault. They usually leave the crew to wear the blame and any fines.

Smiling, the Chief Steward says, “Thank you, Sir. If you’ll come to the Purser’s Office we’ll sign the twenty-five mark charge to your account.” She’s stunned when he nods and leads the way to the Purser’s Office then asks the Purser to process the charge. She leaves, mollified and justified, with Manny following her to go do her other duties.

Changing Fortunes

With the Chief Steward dealt with Lane says to the assistant purser, “I’m registering this Minx for personal attendance for the whole of my trip.” He motions the girl to hand over her registration disc; these discs are worn by all of the girls as short necklaces.

The Chief Purser looks up from his desk since this is a bit unusual as it’s normally quite a few more hours or tomorrow before anyone comes to register a personal attendance. Seeing the girl he makes a quick check of a picture sitting on his desk. Standing up he walks over saying, “I’m sorry, Sir, we’ve a High Deck request for this girl.” Lane looks at the Chief Purser since he’s new to Lane and he doesn’t like the man’s tone of voice when he speaks.

Lane says, “That may well be, but when you check the computer you’ll find I already have a registered preference about an hour old, have time booked to me, and am here with her making the first full assignment request. High Decking only applies to initial preference requests.”

The Chief Purser checks the computer and responds, “Yes, Sir, and when he registered his preference the other man also stated a request for full assignment. I’m sorry, Sir, he’s deck B for two sectors while you’re deck D for one sector. You’ve been High Decked.”

Lane asks, “Is he aware she’s Amber?”

The Chief Purser replies, “Yes, he is and he’s prepared to wait.”

“And I’ll bet you’re not prepared to take the girl’s preferences into account.”

In a very sharp voice the Chief Purser says, “You’re High Decked, and that’s it.” He turns away to go to his desk to make a call.

The girl looks at Lane with a pleading expression. He smiles at her. Looking over the shoulder of Vance, the Senior Assistant Purser, he asks, “Is that chart accurate?” Vance glances at the booking chart and nods. Pulling out his charge card Lane hands it over, “How quick can you upgrade me to room Alpha Outer Ten for three sectors?” The girl’s eyes go real wide.

Vance smiles while his fingers fly over the keyboard and he whispers, “Watch my dust. I can do that quicker than he can get that arrogant young bastard down here.” Vance upgrades the booking, registers the preference with the full assignment, arranges the stewards to shift the personal luggage and clean the old room; all done in less than a minute. He also updates the booking and chart information before calling a man to notify him of the unexpected vacancy on D deck if he’s still interested and can make the ship before it departs in three hours; the man says he can and will make it. Vance lists the staff responsible for the change as the girl, Manny, and himself. A very effective young man. When passengers upgrade after boarding the extra booking fee for the higher level accommodation and service is paid to the staff who convince the passenger to upgrade. Vance has listed the assigned credit to the three of them and not just himself. A nice young man as well.

A few minutes later, while they’re still sorting out the paperwork, a tall and arrogant young man enters the Purser’s Office with some friends following him. The Chief Purser greats him like an old friend and waves at the girl. To his friends the young man says, “See, I told you I’d get her and be her first. It’s all a matter of who you know and how well you treat them.”

When he reaches for her hand Lane moves her behind him while saying in a soft and very sweet voice, “I’m sorry, Old Man, but you’ve been High Decked. She’s with me.”

The Chief Purser rushes over while saying, “What do you mean High Decked? You’re deck D.”

While placing a key card on the desk Vance says, “Here’s the key card to your new cabin on A deck, Sir. Steward Manning will be up shortly with your luggage and will show you the way. I’ve also registered and charged for your extension with the young lady’s services for the whole trip. Thank you for sailing World Cruise Lines again.” He puts a very strong emphasises on the ’again’ when he speaks.

The Chief Purser and the young man stare at the card to Alpha Outer Ten. This was the last available cabin on A deck. It’s an outside cabin suite; ultra luxury accommodation for five men and partners, five super king-sized beds with a very large communal shower unit as it’s designed for rich party groups. This is the top deck and they can’t high deck him. The young man looks like he’s about to issue a challenge. Lane glances at the young man and waves him away like he’d dismiss a servant. Blushing with anger the young man storms off.

His friends are following him out when Lane says, “Bradley, your father wouldn’t approve you hanging out with Jase, especially in his current mood. I suggest you take a different cruise or avoid him to associate with me.” Everyone in the office looks at him. One of the young men steps closer and he squints. “For goodness sakes, stop being vain and put your glasses on, you young fool.”

Bradley takes his glasses out and he puts them on. On seeing Lane clearly for the first time he gulps, saying, “Sorry, Sir, I didn’t recognise you at first. May I have the honour of joining you for dinner tonight.”

The other young men are shocked at Brad’s reaction as Lane nods yes, “I eat third sitting for more time to eat in comfort.” Brad nods and the young men leave. So does the Chief Purser, with a mean look at Lane.

The girl looks at Lane when he says to Vance, “Please book me a permanent table for fifteen or so in third sitting. How big was the bribe to the Chief Purser to ensure he got the girl?”

Vance looks about, “One thousand units and something I don’t know. Before you ask, no one likes either him or the new Chief Purser.”

Lane nods, “Phone, please. I want the blue coded office link line.” With a shocked expression Vance lifts a phone off his desk to place it before Lane. The line he asked for is a high security encrypted line to company headquarters and isn’t known about outside of the company administration people. When they answer he says, “Extension Mike six five seven, please.” Ringing, it answers, “Hi, Maggie, it’s Lane here, is Freddy free?” He waits, “OK, I’m with the Senior Assistant Purser on The Dream Princess, I’ve got a terminal complaint about the Chief Purser. Have him call me back a.s.a.p., and that better be within ten minutes.” Vance is staring wide eyed. He has no idea who he’s talking to but they must be within the company and very high up because they’ve a personal secretary which is an uncommon personal service in WCL.

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