Darkness and Dawn Book III: the Afterglow

by George Allan England

Public Domain

Science Fiction Story: Allan Stern and his secretary Beatrice Kendricks after they awake in New York City, one thousand years after an asteroid destroys most life on earth. In the third book, Allan marries Beatrice (they finally have sex after two years) and with the people of the Abyss set off to build a new civilization on the surface. Yes they run into a few problems along the way (mostly a tribe of semi-human flesh eaters), but Allan is always able to work things out, with Beatrice by his side.

Tags: Science Fiction   Novel-Classic  

BOOK III: The Afterglow

I. Death, Life, and Love
II. Eastward Ho!
III. Catastrophe!
IV. “To-Morrow is Our Wedding-Day”
V. The Search for the Records
VI. Trapped!
VII. The Leaden Chest
VIII. “Till Death Us Do Part”
IX. At Settlement Cliffs
X. Separation
XI. “Hail to the Master!”
XII. Challenged!
XIII. The Ravished Nest
XIV. On the Trail of the Monster
XV. In the Grip of Terror
XVI. A Respite from Toil
XVII. The Distant Menace XVIII. The Annunciation
XIX. The Master of His Race
XX. Disaster!
XXI. Allan Returns Not
XXII. The Treason of H’yemba XXIII. The Return of the Master
XXIV. “The Boy Is Gone!”
XXV. The Fall of H’yemba
XXVI. The Coming of the Horde XXVII. War! XXVIII. The Besom of Flame
XXIX. Allan’s Narrative
XXX. Into the Fire-Swept Wilderness
XXXI. A Strange Apparition XXXII. The Meeting of the Bands XXXIII. Five Years Later XXXIV. History and Roses
XXXV. The Afterglow

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