The Wrong Way - or Is It?

by Ernest Bywater

Tags: Science Fiction, Drama, Historical, Vignettes,

Desc: Time Travel Story: A girl goes for a walk in the woods and gets lost, the searchers can't find her, but her destiny does. Some codes have been omitted so as not to give away too much, I promise there's nothing that should upset anyone as this is more a drama with some sex and not a stroke story.


Table of Contents

The Pool
The Hut
The Search
The Next Day
Another Day
The Pool, Again
The Searchers, Again
Family History
The Outcomes

A Year Later

The titles I use are: a chapter, a sub-chapter, and a section.

The Pool

Eighteen year old Yumi wanders away from her class on the nature tour in the old natural woodland of an ancient estate. This part of these ancient woods is a bit spooky. Yumi wonders what secrets it may hide.

In the bushes near the edge of the shallow marshy pool stands a large hairy shape watching the exotic looking schoolgirl in the short check skirt and tight fitting white top. Her clothes are more form fitting than he’s used to seeing girls and women wear. They show her shape well. The Japanese girls of her age usually have smaller breasts and he’s not used to seeing a girl her age look so much like a mature woman. The sight is delicious, and his reaction to the sight of her very evident femininity is obvious, because he has no clothes on. Like a ghost, he makes no sound while he moves closer to her. In just a moment he’s standing beside the tree two paces behind her. With a wide grin he steps forward and reaches a hairy arm around her to cover her mouth while his other arm goes around her slim waist to pull her back against his body.

Yumi feels two large arms go around her: one across her mouth and one across her body, just under her breasts. When she’s pulled back against the body behind her she feels his manhood pushing against her because the pressure of being pulled against her captor forces them into very close contact. She starts to struggle. The shock of realising her legs are no longer touching the ground causes her to cease her struggling, and to wait to see what he captor intends to do now.

A soft baritone voice whispers in her ear, “I know there’s enough forest between us and the others to absorb your screams, so they won’t hear them, but I don’t like loud noises. Loud noises make me angry, and I do bad things when I’m angry. Be quiet and do as you’re told, and you’ll live to leave my realm alive. Do you understand? Nod your head if you do.” She nods. “You’re a very lovely woman, and I’m sure you can already feel how lovely I think you are. Do you have something you can use as a blindfold?” Thinking of her school tie, she nods again. “I’m going to release you. You’ll not scream or turn around. You’ll get that object and put it on as a blindfold.”

The arms release her, and Yumi slides down his body while she drops a hand’s width to the woodland floor. With tears in the back of her eyes, Yumi is quiet when she takes her tie from around her neck and places it around her eyes. While she ties it behind her head she realises she’s about to lose her virgin innocence here in the woodland, to a man she doesn’t know and will never see. This thought both appals her and excites her at the same time. The man is still right behind her, and she can feel his body against hers; this excites her more, and she doesn’t understand why it does. With the blindfold in place she drops her hands to her sides, and stands there.

He’s silent while he watches her tie the blindfold and drop her hands to her sides. Her quiet compliance excites him further. He smells a familiar smell, one he hasn’t smelt in a long time. He makes a loud noise when he sniffs deeply of the faint aroma of the girl as her arousal becomes evident. He grins, since he now knows she’s in full agreement with some of his plans for her. He leans close to her face, and she flinches when his hairy cheek brushes her neck. He takes a strong sniff of her skin, and licks her neck.

The feel of her unknown assailant touching her neck to sniff and lick her also both frightens and excites young Yumi. In her surprise at being gently licked on the neck she sucks in a large breath, causing her to both smell and taste the musky maleness of her assailant’s aroma in her nose and on her tongue. She knows he’s going to rape her, and now there’s nothing she wants more than to have him inside her. She doesn’t know why this is so, and the thought of wanting to be raped scares her, but it doesn’t stop her from becoming more aroused with each passing second.

The Hut

Smiling, the hairy man steps back. He reaches forward and takes her hand, “Come with me.” Like two ghosts, they’re silent when they move through the woodland to a small forest hut not far away. While they walk through the woodland she keeps track of the steps and directions in just the way her sensei trained her to. She feels a sudden cold, and she shivers, because it feels like she’s walking through a very dense and cold fog. Fogs are common in this area, so she soon forgets the mild discomfort.

Yumi walks just behind and beside her assailant while he leads her away. She hears a hut door open, and feels a firmer surface under her feet for two paces before he stops her. The air feels much warmer and she can hear a fire off to the side just as the man lets go of her hand.

Stopping the girl in the middle of his little shack he lets go of her hand when he turns to close the door. Turning back to the girl he walks around her to face her, and says, “Now you’re in a time and place of my choosing. When I’m finished with you I’ll return you safely to yours. Just do what I tell you and you’ll come to no harm. Now take off your clothes.”

She undoes the buttons of her vest and slips it off. When she prepares to drop it on the floor she feels it get lighter, and it starts to lift up, so she lets it go. The man must be taking her clothes when she takes them off. She removes her blouse, for the same treatment, followed by her bra. Undoing her skirt she slides it off and lifts it up when she stands up.

Seeing her remove the outer garment the man takes it off her, and places it on a shelf. He does the same with the rest of her clothes. She’s soon naked, except for her shoes, socks, and blindfold. She slips her feet out of her shoes, and when she bends to remove her knee high black socks, he says, “Leave them.”

He leads her to the side, and helps her lay down on his simple cot. Once she’s settled on the cot he pulls her legs apart and places her heels against her bum so her thighs are as wide spread as they can get while she stays on the narrow cot. He now has a perfect view of her and all her femininity.

He smiles while his hand reaches between her thighs, and he says, “You’re a most perfect looking woman, Miss Ashagi.”

Yumi is shocked to be addressed by her family name. She knows her family has an ancestral home close by, but she lives and goes to school in the city nearly an hour’s drive away, and her uniform is from a city school. She wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the compulsory school excursion for the woodland nature tour.

“It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had an Ashagi woman, and even longer since I’ve had a virgin. This will be doubly sweet when I take you and give you my child.”

This last comment shocks her, while she wonders how he knows she’s not on the pill at the moment. Everyone takes the contraceptives, male and female, unless married and approved to have a child by the government; she’s neither. The only other time you may be off the pill is when the doctor takes you off due to a clash with other medication: which is the case for her. She’s near the very end of a six week course of antibiotics for an infection from a cut. Medical records are high security, and there’s no way he can have access to that information, no way. In fright she asks, in a soft contralto, “How do you know you can get me pregnant?”

“I can smell your body’s readiness for impregnation. This is your most fertile time, and I’m going to make use of that.” She gulps at his reply, because she had no idea men could smell that about a woman.

She hears the cot creak while he lowers himself onto the cot, and then feels him when he places his manhood at the entrance to her womanhood. He’s very slow while he enters her, and she winces with pain when he broaches her maidenhead. It feels like it takes forever for him to slide all the way into her as his huge member spreads her wide with its girth. A little later his groin is against hers, and he starts to withdraw. When he’s almost out he starts forward again, but a bit faster. He moves in and out of her, faster and faster with each movement. Very soon he’s moving like a fast engine piston when he goes in and out. Before too long she reaches an orgasm, her first of many orgasms with him in her. Several minutes later he lifts her hips while he gains a deeper entry to place his seed in her womb. He rolls her over to her side so they lie together, side by side, while still coupled. They go to sleep, because they’re both very tired from the physical activity.

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