The Troublemakers

by George O.Smith

Tags: Science Fiction, Futuristic, Fantasy, Novel-Classic,

Desc: Science Fiction Story: A young woman objects to being sedated into placidity, as is the norm in the overcrowded, genetically optimized future.She also refuses to be paired with a somnolent drip of a fellow, who needs medication to act at an even minimal level of energy. Then you've got the young spacer, who believes he has discovered an efficient hyperdrive that could open the stars to humanity. He is told to cool his heels in a dead-end assignment until he discovers the error in his mathematics.

Illustrated by DICK FRANCIS

What did Genetics and Hansen’s Folly have
in common? Why, everything ... Genetics
was statistical and Hansen’s Folly impossible!

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Science Fiction / Futuristic / Fantasy / Novel-Classic /