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The title styles in use are a chapter, a sub-chapter, and a section.

Table of Contents

Prelude - Additional Information
Special Notes
Possible Reality
Characters and Commands

Chapter - Week 01
Testing Times

Day 01 - Friday
Private Fun

Day 02 - Saturday
Soccer and Hurts
Saturday Lunch
Back Home
Saturday Evening

Day 03 - Sunday
Afternoon and Evening
Day 04 - Monday
Adjustments and Meetings
Sera’s Birthday Presents

Day 05 - Tuesday
Afternoon Games
Philosophical Dinner
Night Games

Day 06 - Wednesday
Home Again
Basketball Not Training
Parents and Dinner

Day 07 - Thursday
Afternoon and Dinner
A Serious Evening

Chapter - Week 02
Day 08 - Friday
The Party Starts
Special Training
Birthday Present

Day 09 - Saturday
Bedtime and Talks

Day 10 - Sunday
Police Work
Day 11 - Monday
Morning Meetings
Lesson and Games

Day 12 - Tuesday
Wise Woman

Day 13 - Wednesday
Evening Events

Day 14 - Thursday
At Home
Poolside Playtime

Chapter - Week 03
Day 15 - Friday
Afternoon Activities
Evening Events

Day 16 - Saturday
Dungeons and Dinner

Day 17 - Sunday
Water Ways
Day 18 - Monday
A Short Day
Day 19 - Tuesday
After Court

Day 20 - Wednesday
On the Road and Home

Day 21 - Thursday
Builder’s Helper
Chapter - Week 04
Day 22 - Friday
Morning Tasks
At Home

Day 23 - Saturday
Slave Auction
At Home

Day 24 - Sunday
Dinner and Evening
Day 25 - Monday
Day 26 - Tuesday

Morning Games
Home and Finances
New Toys
Weakest Link
Evening Activities

Day 27 - Wednesday
Morning Activities
Afternoon of Surprises
Helping a Friend
Evening Activities

Day 28 - Thursday
Lunch Games
Training Time

Chapter - Week 05
Day 29 - Friday
Day 30 - Saturday
Visitor Introduction
Story Notes

The title styles in use are a chapter, a sub-chapter, and a section.

29 October 2018 Edition

Additional Information

Special Notes

John’s Background

Both John’s parents were top scientists, well off, and in demand. John’s brother was several years older than him, but not as smart. At an early age John realised he could mesmerise people and make them do what he wanted them to do. Being a genius he didn’t make that public knowledge because he knew it would cause trouble for him and his family if he did. However, it wasn’t possible to use the skill without his brother knowing, due to how much time they spent together. When John’s brother needed a tricky problem solved he asked John to help him, and John did. This resulted in John being asked to help his brother and his friends with their concerns when the Snake Gang had issues with other gangs: especially the Fern Gang. John became their general, their war lord, the one who planned their operations and the others carried them out. He used his analytical, planning, and mesmerising skills. Although they often saw him mesmerise people the members of the Snake gang never realised the full extent of John’s capabilities since he was very careful about how he used his skills. During this time, and when the Snakes went inactive, John worked very hard at keeping a very low police profile.

In school he demonstrated his intelligence by entering and winning science competitions, and by achieving high academic results. He was being actively recruited by many colleges, universities, and businesses around the world at the time of his family’s murder, and afterwards he did his best to vanish into the woodwork and pretend he didn’t exist.

When John’s family were killed in an explosion intended to kill them he was badly shocked and traumatised: psychologically and physically. He was smart enough to realise he and Brooke should have died too, since no one knew they’d left the house. All of his family had been killed, except for Brooke. He buried his grief and pain in caring for Brooke, this need is what keeps him going. She became the centre of his world, his reason for being. He drops everything to see to her care. In doing so he retreats from life in general while making major changes in his life, and he keeps an extremely low profile by not demonstrating his intelligence or other skills, because it’ll place high demands on his time, demands that’ll take him away from Brooke. She’s his only remaining link with life, and he’s her main link. His very common name so his enemy’s belief he’s dead and the low profile hides him from his enemy for some years.

Several years later he’s traumatised again when another explosion kills him, the emergency people resuscitate him, but the damage is extensive. He doesn’t have time to deal with the trauma of this when he’s told his body is no longer flesh and blood. He gets through this by hanging onto his need to stay around and care for Brooke. It’s this need that keeps him alive in the emergency room, despite his body’s need to die: he won’t let himself die and leave Brooke all alone.

He’s still trying to deal with this when he’s confronted by the fact Brooke is no longer a little girl, but a young woman: and so are her friends. He’s also aware of the similarities of the two explosions and he suspects the last one was targeted at him. If he dies Brooke is left alone. He must find and stop his attackers before they succeed, for Brooke’s sake. To do this he must end his low profile and he must use all of his skills and abilities to identify and deal with these people. He realises this, and he sets out to do so. And that’s where we arrive on the scene.

Most of these background details are provided by others talking about John. The principal tells us some, Steve tells us most, and John reveals part of his background. Some is assumed knowledge, like when someone is hurt in a major explosion I assume you know they’ll have shock and trauma issues. The grief being subsumed into caring for Brooke is evidenced from his throwing his university studies away for her care, as we’re told he did.

John is a sensitive and caring person, despite him not being able to see anything except Brooke and his work for several years. The latest explosion is a wake up call that makes him open his eyes and look about. Once having accepted he has to change his profile and lifestyle John sees no reason not to use all of his abilities and make the most of his life. His past low profile hasn’t been just a case of trying to hide, but a case of not looking around and not doing his best as well because all of his energy and efforts were focused on Brooke’s care. Extreme tunnel vision and myopia added to his hiding. Now he opens his eyes and looks at the world; and he’s looking with new eyes. The new eyes see many things that were there to see, but he didn’t look at them to note what was visible, until now when he has to open his eyes to the full world around him.

Possible Reality

Take the cyborg in this story. Some people will say, “Yeah, real, no way, it can’t happen.” Yet most of the technology is here now in the early 2000s, and it has been for over a decade. Memory plastic exists, so does Kevlar, carbon filament, Tasers, computer control, and the multi-tasking software. For many years scientists have been working on interfacing electronic devices with the human nervous system: the bionic ear, pace makers, bionic eyes, etc. It’s happening right now and in past decades as well. In this story all I add is a small leap forward in the development of a way to interface individual nerve endings of the spinal column with a computer, and allow two way feed and control between the brain and the computer; all of which is under current research, and it has been for some years.

The idea of not having the brain trying to match every nerve with the relevant cyborg body equivalent is my way of simplifying the interface. The brain uses some nerves to send general commands. Instead of getting a whole bunch of individual commands sent around the body I’ve each limb and sub-unit operating with it’s own processor commands so only one command is sent from the processor linked to the brain while the end recipient knows how to break it up and handle the positive feedback locally. The processor in the hand handles all of the touch and pressure sensitivity of picking up, not the main processor or the brain. The brain says right hand pick this up, the central processor sends the command ‘pick this up’ to the right hand, the local processor in the hand handles the fine details of the pick up. This is a way of simplifying the command and communication links. This is a computerised delegation of tasks, and it allows for the continued operation of some components while not attached to the main body. If the scientists working on this read this and use it we may see more advances. The only problem is the high cost, but this is all possible now in the today of 2005 when this story was first drafted. Thus by the time you’re reading this much more could’ve been done in the research labs.

Characters and Commands

Smith Household & Staff

John Smith (Cobra)... 25 ... main character
Brooke Smith... 16 ... John’s niece
Gwen Weatherall... 30 ... friend
Sera Weatherall... 16 ... friend
Stacey Goddard... 32 ... clerk
Rissa Goddard (Clarissa, Boss)... 18 ... slave
Mel Phillips (Melissa)... 16 ... friend
Wendy Fleming
... 16 ... friend
Liz Preston (Elizabeth)... 32 ... friend
Mary Jones
... 32 ... friend
Janice (Fuck Toy)... 30 ... slave
Tina (Triple T)... 17 ... friend
Carmen Bradley (Bitch)
... 40 ... slave
Carly... 16 ... friend
Paris*... 36 ... slave
Dallas... 17 ... slave
Houston... 17 ... slave
May... 19 ... slave
Nora... 18 ... slave
Iris... 21 ... slave
Isobelle... 20 ... slave
Nadia... 22 ... slave
Marcia... 18 ... slave
Belinda... 39 ... housekeeper
Melody Jones... 35 ... cook
Beth Jones... 17 ... maid
Harry (Harriette)... 30 ... driver
Fred... 32 ... driver
Steve Katz (Sidewinder)... 34 ... driver
Bridget... 24 ... maid

Masters Household & Staff

Barbara Masters... 42
Steve Masters... 43
Paula Masters... 16
Liz Masters... 14
Angela Masters... 12
Deborah Masters... 40
Jerry Masters... 41
Jacqui Masters... 16
Lorna Masters... 16
Nola Masters... 14
Jenny Masters... 12
Julie Masters... 38
Peter Masters... 39
Peta Masters... 16
Rena Masters... 14
Margaret Masters... 12
Alice... 40 ... butler
James Thomas Delling... 34 ... slave
Jim... 28 ... slave
Thumper... 28 ... slave
... 24 ... slave
Johnson ... servant
Landers ... driver

Smith Neighbours & Families

Celia Lincoln ... early 40s
Mr Lincoln ... early 40s
Lee Lincoln... 17
Theo Lincoln... 16
Tom Lincoln... 15
Mrs Bellingham ... mid 40s
Matt Bellingham ... mid 40s
Saul Stein ... mid 70s
Sarah Aarons ... mid 40s
Isaac Aarons ... late 40s

Preston Staff

Liz Preston (Elizabeth)... 32 ... CEO
Diane... 25 ... secretary
Mary Jones... 32 ... Researcher
Janice (Fuck Toy)... 30 ... CFO

Law Enforcement

Commissioner Henry ... late 50s
Captain Ophelia (Lia) Miller ... late 20s
Deputy Comm. Williams ... mid 50s
Alan Hedges ... late 30s
Irene ... mid 20s
Sergeant Steve Katz (Sidewinder)... 34

VS Staff

Elise... 40
May... 19
Vanessa... 25
Daisy... 24

School Staff & Other Students

Principal Harding ... mid 50s
Coach Bernice Stoner (Bernie)... 26
Rosa Quentin... 32
Barry Stevers... 18
Max... 18
Misha... 19
Missy... 19

Soccer Team

Rachel Marshall... 17
Mandy... 16
Jessica... 16
Mel Phillips (Melissa)... 16
Nataly... 16
Paula Masters... 16
Jacqui Masters... 16
Lorna Masters... 16
Peta Masters... 16
Sera Weatherall... 16
Brooke Smith... 16
Tina (Triple T)... 17
Wendy Fleming... 16

Basketball Team

Rachel Marshall... 17
Mel Phillips (Melissa)... 16
Paula Masters... 16
Jacqui Masters... 16
Brooke Smith... 16
Vera Manning... 16
Anna... 16
Helen... 16
Eliza... 17
Kira... 17
Coach Bernice Stoner (Bernie)... 26


Diamond (David Smith) - dead
Mamba (Dr Robert Black)
Sidewinder (Steve Katz)
Tiger (James Delling)
Cobra (John Smith)
Brown - dead

Pool Party Girls (16 or 17)

Tracey, Jill, Kim, Candice, Georgette, Fiona, Patrice, Amanda,
Betty, Maria, Natasha, Ann-Marie, Susan, Delilah, Trudy, Linda,
Ernestine, Olive, Opal, Theresa, Eve, Ashleigh, Amy, Alexandra,
Inez, Jasmine, Hannah, Irina, Lori, Heather, Kristy, Lola, Kimmy,
Nikola, Samantha, Stephanie, Zoey, Sabrina, Lana, Gabriela (18),
Laura, Katia, Katie (18), Jade, Karen Black (Mamba’s daughter),
Tara, Slut 1 & Slut 2 - twins (Houston and Dallas, mother is Paris)

Others of Note

Guy Franks (Guido Francesco) ... local Mafia don
Gibaldi ... Franks sub boss
Johnston ... Gibaldi crew boss
Franco Di Georgio ... Mafia don in prison
Mallory ... Di Georgio sub-boss
Mrs Delling ... JT & Carmen mother
Meredith Summer... 27 ... sex shop manager
Melinda... 23 ... sex shop assistant
David... 24 ... sex shop assistant
Shauna Henry... 21 ... Cop’s daughter.
Mrs Hedges ... late 30s ... Federal cop’s wife
James Harris... 14 ... paper boy
Hilda Lorne... 40s ... trauma counsellor
Marcia Jennings... 30s ... Competition worker
Illiya ... Care centre director
... 40s
Esmay*... 40s
Martha... 40s
Millie... 23
Erin Harris... 17
Rose Little... 17
Bob Little... 18

* = pregnant to John by day 30.

John’s Special Commands

Dickman Set
T - thin... 40 mm wide
M - medium... 60 mm wide
W - wide... 80 mm wide
X - extra large... 100 mm wide
XX - super large... 120 mm wide
P - penetrator ... head is a smaller size to the rest

Coom ... ejaculate a set amount of sperm
Floppy ... flaccid penis 150 mm long. 30 mm wide
Stiffy ... erect penis the same as a 1 T
1... 200 mm long penis
1.5... 225 mm long penis
2... 250 mm long penis
2.5... 275 mm long penis
3... 300 mm long penis
3.5... 350 mm long penis
4... 400 mm long penis
4.5... 450 mm long penis
5... 500 mm long penis
5.5... 550 mm long penis
6... 600 mm long penis

Slom ... two penis sizes and switches between them
format = length/width, length/width,
‘x’r (repetitions per second,
‘x’s (duration in seconds)

Stong ... tongue expands to 200 mm out of mouth
Stonf ... tongue goes stiff
Storn ... tongue retracts

Taser Commands
Snicked ... turn off snickle command
Snickle ... activates a trickle charge in the Taser
format = L/R (hand), 1-5 being the trickle charge level.

Defib ... use Tasers as defibrillator between hands.
format = designate chest hand,
charge size in milliamps,
charge duration length in seconds.

Note: The initial command set is floppy, stiffy, coom, 1, 2, 3, 4, T, M, W - the rest are upgrades suggested and provided during the course of the story.

The source of this story is SciFi-Stories

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