Black Sidhe - Cover

Black Sidhe

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: The son of one of the first Ashtear and a sidhe queen clone hunts ancient realm gates. When he finds one lost and forgotten he opens a gate. The realm holds dark sidhe and he scouts it until he feels a need to act and help a female slave. After that he discovers their plan to open a gate onto his world to attack.

Tags: Science Fiction  

My father was Ashtear and my mother a clone of a sidhe queen. The Ashtear have changed a great deal since they met. They have a lot more contact with the sidhe and even the humans. Now that a wizard has come to our lands he has brought even more change. From the time I could walk I have learned from my father.

Only in the last few years have I learned from the wizard. His teachings and the feeling and urges were different and strong. Only my will and what my father taught kept me from giving in. Not that it would have been bad, both the Ashtear and the sidhe population have exploded thanks to him.

When the ancient hero was reborn new enemies and a lurking darkness returned. For many millennium we have always thought the Dark cousins were only in one realm. Now we know there are others that are dark. From a single sidhe that was wounded and dying we knew they were as black as any of the Dark we had known in our past.

I sat in the long empty temple and studied ancient gold texts. This was only one of many realm temples. Each had their own history and realm or realms. Behind and to one side was a comp table with a holo screen. From star positions at a listed time I could find the location of the realms. This realm temple dated to before the dark cousins split off.

I gestured and the page turned and I sat up. The next page had been scratched and marred as if to remove what it had once said. I looked at it for several moments and then caressed the cold metal and murmured. It smoothed and then tiny dents began to appear and became ancient writing. I waited until it was done to take a vid and begin to translate it.

I turned and entered the diagram of the stars that was imprinted on the bottom. It was good they had reported the types and colors. I finished and looked at the holo before I overlaid the known occupied systems. I nodded when it came up and turned to keep reading, “so this is one we need to visit.”

A week later with the help of the wizard and the Ashtear I had enough of a mental picture of the other realm gate to open it. I walked to the end of the bridge before I began. I had only done it once before as a test for the wizard. I wore my weapons and a pack and when the gate swirled open I walked through.

It was like moving through chaos but I stepped out in a huge dark room. I looked around as the realm gate closed. From the smell I knew someone had been here recently. I could smell cleaner and soap and some type of herb scent. Around the large room were columns with reliefs between them. There was only one large doorway and I moved to it.

When I stepped out it was to see hundreds of pyramids under two bright moons. Between were winding streets under very large trees with giant red leaves. I took a few vids before I started down the long flight of steps. Before I reached the level of the street I saw people moving around. I slowed when I identified them as some type of cross between human and orc.

They did not wear clothes and were carrying large baskets on their backs like ancient slaves. I slipped into the bushes and watched and moved along the street. The first time I saw a sidhe I froze and watched it whipping a male human cross breed until it was bloody.

I saw a speeding vehicle as it flew down the street and realized it could have been a modern vehicle from home. I started moving again as more creatures and sidhe appeared. I did not see any females at first and when I did she was wearing silver chains. She was naked with a brand on her hip as she was led like a pet.

Over the next few hours I used my Ashtear abilities to hide in the shadows. Each of the pyramids was a type of group or clan home. Some were markets or factories or even offices. I found a type of comp and tried to access it and managed a limited link and data transfer. In each building I always found a central room used for torture or sacrifices.

There were tiny cells where the creatures and sidhe females were kept. Only sidhe males or male children lived and slept out of the cells. When the sun rose it was with a storm that lashed the city violently. In another pyramid many kilometers away I found a slave market. I drifted through the huge lower room using shadows.

Males argued or yelled or chanted while creatures screamed and grunted as they were prodded. The females always sat quietly and seemed to stare at nothing. Each cage had data on it that had the information about the female or creature inside. I stood in the shadows and tried to keep control of my anger.

The Ashtear leach spell kept reaching for those males that were close. I knew I needed to leave but one girl in her second decade seem to draw me. She had striped white and black hair and violet eyes. I finally took two steps and my hand closed on a black sidhe poking a stick into her cage. He jerked and stiffened as his mouth opened in a scream that did not come.

I pulled and his life essence poured into me. He writhed around and seemed to shrivel but I did not stop until he was barely alive. I pulled him back and into a corner before I knelt and took his cage remote. I snapped his neck and moved back to the cage to find the girl looking at me. I unlocked the door and pulled her out and back to the corner.

I knelt to strip the male and then started to dress her and she gasped and one had caught mine. I could hear her panicked thoughts and touched her, “quiet.”

I dressed her and wrapped shadows around both of us and pulled her out. I did not hurry as we slowly worked our way to one of the four halls out. Once we were out in the rain I pulled her off the path and into the bushes. After a couple of kilometers I stopped beside the multi trunk of one of the large trees that was actually many.

I backed her into a large crack that opened into the hallow center of the trunk. I let the shadows slip and fall away, “I am Shadow.”

She kept her eyes down, “Lavender.”

I tilted her face to see her lovely eyes, “yes they are and I love them.”

Her eyes flickered as she looked into mine, “what are you?”

I touched her beautiful lips, “I am Ashtear.”

I knelt and removed my pack as lightning cris-crossed the sky and it began to rain harder. Here inside the trunk we were dry and I took out a ration. I pulled her down to sit and shared the ration with her. She slowly pulled the clothes off and kept looking at me. After we finished I turned and sat and leaned against the tree and closed my eyes.

They snapped open when I felt the girl open my pants. She was watching my face as one hand caught hers. She held still as I kept looking at her and after several moments I let her hand go. She went back to taking my clothes off and then shifted and straddled me. She slowly pushed down my cock and her eyes widened.

I felt her thoughts as she clutched me and let go only to do it again. I pulled her hips down and in until she was fully impaled. Her pussy was extremely tight and she groaned and shuddered. I caressed her hips and hugged her and rubbed her back. It was a couple of minutes before she shifted and rolled her hips.

She gasped and her pussy clenched as she hugged me tight, “ooohhhh!”

The feel of her very warm pussy around my cock was amazing. When she lifted and rolled hips and sat I was the one to grab her. We both shook and moaned and she smiled and did it again. A minute and she was lifting up and rocking and pushing down harder. She twisted and turned and I kept kissing her.

Five minutes and she was jerking and spasming as her pussy slid on and off my cock. She was tossing her head and clinging to me and I finally pulled her down and held her. My cock erupted and I felt her pussy clench. She jerked and looked into my eyes as hers widened. I loved the feel of her bare breasts as I kissed her and finished spurting into her.

She groaned and shivered while her pussy kept milking my cock, “mmmm!”

I looked around outside the tree at the pouring rain. I turned and extending my legs and straightened hers and then shifted until she was under me. I pressed into her and gave her a kiss before I pulled back and started to fuck her again. She hugged me as my cock moved through her slimy pussy.

Every other time I let her ride my cock and she seemed to love it. It was a long time before we sat holding each other. I held her on my lap with her head on my shoulder and she slept. I watched out the crack at the rain as it seemed to get worse. At least I did not hear anymore lightning.

I had learned about my magic and the natural magic all sidhe had. I sifted through the sleeping girl’s thoughts and found her magic locked away. I was careful and gentle as I removed what had been done to her. I knew she would need to learn control and caressed her as I closed my eyes. I woke to the girl shifting and looked outside.

The rain had softened to a light sprinkle. I looked at Lavender and she was looking down again. I lifted her chin, “I love seeing your eyes.”

She looked into mine and whispered, “I need to go relieve myself.”

I smiled as I lifted her and pushed and followed, “and we need to wash your pussy so I can lick it next time.”

Her eyes widened, “lick? But I did not...”

I touched her lips, “lick, not bite or hurt.”

She frowned and shifted on her feet, “why?”

I pulled her to a bush, “because it will feel good and you will like it and I will get to give you pleasure.”

I turned and gestured while looking around, “go and then we will search for a bath.”

The sun, if it was up above the clouds was not very bright. We went to the bathroom and then got dressed and I grabbed my pack. Ten minutes later I saw a large fountain and looked around before we undressed again. I pulled her to the fountain and then in and began to wash her and myself. When I cleaned her pussy I had to hold her as she spasmed and squirmed.

I grinned and kissed her when I was done and helped her out. I touched her temple and used the magic to warm and dry us. Her eyes went very wide as I put her hand on her pelvis and did the spell to keep her from getting with child. She was trembling when I was done and I gave her a kiss, “did you see and understand?”

She nodded, “but what is it?”

I bent to pick up her clothes, “it is your magic.”

She whispered, “but females do not have magic.”

I started to dress her, “all sidhe have magic.”

She kept looking at me and I gave her a gentle kiss, “I will teach you.”

I looked around and finished dressing and then put my pack on. I led her back into the bushes and took her hand and let the shadows surround us. I began to hunt and silently move through the city and led her. I was not sure what I was looking for but when Lavender began to tremble and her magic shifted I spun and used mine to contain it.

I pulled her against me and looked around. There was a overgrown pyramid not to far away but I could not see anyone even though a large clear path went to it. From drug stick butts there were a lot of signs that male sidhe came here. A little distance away was a large parking area. I pulled Lavender down and knelt, “what is it?”

Her eyes were wide with fear and she was shaking as she looked at the pyramid, “it is the breeders where I was...”

I touched her lips, “you are safe and with me.”

I looked around again and then pulled her up and after me into a thick cluster of bushes. I turned, “I need to look inside. Wait...”

She grabbed my hands and I hesitated and then nodded, “very well. You will come with me but do not speak and stay close.”

I held one of her hands and stood and let the shadows surround us. I led her to a door and watched and then we slipped in and to the left. Unlike other buildings this one had a large common area and a board with names and what could only be breeding lines and status. I saw and heard males including one with a whip.

Lavender was shaking when she saw him and he lashed out at a female. She went to the floor with a scream while he laughed. We were in a hall close to a set of stairs. I let Lavender go and moved the few steps to the black sidhe. He was lifting the whip to use it again and my left hand closed around his wrist.

The leach spell wrapped him and he stiffened with wide eyes and an open mouth. I yanked and backed to an empty cell and Lavender was suddenly putting her hand on my arm. I hesitated as I thought the leach spell would strike her. It split a moment later and half the life force flowed through her hand and into her.

I turned and waited until almost all the life force was gone before I let go. The male fell and began to writhe around in agony. I snapped a kick down and into his temple and killed him. I turned and cupped Lavender’s face, “close your eyes and feel what I do.”

She looked into my eyes and then nodded and I let the life force spread through my body. It refreshed and filled me and I watched as she copied it and smiled. I let her go and went to the female on the floor and pulled her up. She would not lift her eyes and by the feel inside her I knew she was with child and it was healthy.

Lavender touched my arm and then caught the female’s hand, “come.”

I looked at her before I looked up at the stairs. I gestured and let the shadows wrap around us and was not surprised when more from Lavender joined mine. I went up and the next level was like the first but with fewer females and cells. We went up ten levels until we were on the last. Like the other levels there was a board but only with four names.

We were just inside the hall looking into the small common room. Three sidhe were half dressed and speaking while drinking some type of spirit. I touched Lavender and whispered in her mind, “stay.”

I drifted away from her and closer to the three males. They spoke of weapons being ready and of opening the gate for slave raiders. They laughed and talked of killing as many warriors as they could and taking females to bring new life to the race. They mentioned taking the queen and those at the palace and of someone called Urake.

I had heard enough, they were speaking of these things but not like they were part of it. More like they were bragging or gossiping. I took long steps as I pulled a knife and shoved it into a throat and ripped it out. My left hand grabbed a second one as I buried the knife in the gut of the last. My leach magic was sucking the life from the one I held.

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