Gabatrix: the Silver Rain - Cover


Gabatrix: the Silver Rain

by CMed TheUniverseofCMed

Copyright© 2020 by CMed TheUniverseofCMed

Science Fiction Story: Set in 2350. Gabatrix: The Silver Rain is set a couple months after Gabatrix: The Violet Wave. A distress call is picked up near the colony of Eutera. The United Human Navy must send a response team to investigate the cause. Note: Please read the disclaimers before reading this story. Story contains Science Fiction, Space, Sex, Female Human/Female Alien (intersex), F/F or F/I, War, Violence, Horror, Action, Survival, Graphic.

Tags: Science Fiction   Aliens   Space   Futuristic   Horror   War   Military   Furry  

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Disclaimer 1: This story deals with Anthro Alien/Human Relations. The term “Intersex” (Current politically correct word as of 2020) is used as the word to identify a character that has both sexual parts that identify as a female and male. Words that may potentially be offensive to those that identify themselves as transgender, bisexual, or intersex do not reflect the views of the author.

Disclaimer 2: This story is meant for adults as it contains sex. This story deals with horror-based themes, including gore, violence, nightmares, action, and survival. Reader discretion may be advised.

Disclaimer 3: This is the fourth story of the Gabatrix series. It is highly recommended that you read the earlier Gabatrix stories before going into this story. Gabatrix is part of the Tales of Heroes universe, but Gabatrix readers are not required to read the Tales of Heroes stories. However...

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By CMed

The source of this story is SciFi-Stories

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