The Earl's Man - Cover


The Earl's Man

by FantasyLover

Copyright© 2023 by FantasyLover

Fantasy Story: Story of the life of a young man starting life in 13th century England. His dedication earns him an offer to become a Knight and unexpectedly a noble. Follow his rise to power from a favorite of the Earl he serves. See how his interest in new and better ideas serves him as he works to improve the lives of his subjects, and battles forces threatening England and her allies, rewriting history his own way.

Tags: Coming of Age   Historical   Rags To Riches   Fantasy  

Before you read the story, a warning to the history purists among you: This story will probably send your blood pressure skyrocketing and cause frequent gnashing of teeth. I HAVE taken liberties with historical events and people. The biggie (in my opinion--I’m sure others will differ) is making the split between the Anglican and Catholic churches occur before 1300. I know it was the doing of Henry VIII, but it just added a little something to the story. Call it poetic license if it makes you feel better.

The majority of the rulers and nobles mentioned actually lived and ruled in this time and in the country listed. Others that I mention are noted as the ruler of a country different from the one they actually ruled. Still others are merely names--possibly names of rulers from before or after this period. Names of spouses and children of rulers may be factual or made up.

Remember when all is said and done, this is JUST A STORY, not a history book. It was written to be entertaining, not necessarily enlightening.

The source of this story is SciFi-Stories

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