Killing Me Softly - Cover

Killing Me Softly

by Pars001

Copyright© 2017 by Pars001

: When the lies outweigh the truth can revenge and death not follow far behind?

Tags: Violence   War   Military   Assassins   Spies   Secret Agents   Travel  

Completely concealed, she watched with a vicious excitement she hadn’t felt in years. Finally it would be over today. Live or die, it would be over. The arid wind blew the one stray blonde tress of hair that she could never get to stay under the hair cap. Her husband had always joked that it would be the one thing that would get her killed. A sad smile crossed her face as she thought that it was the ONE thing that had saved her life that day.

Her mind raced back over the years that they had both worked for the agency. They had been a damn good team, working together but always independent, able to change any aspect of the mission at a moment’s notice. ‘Well, ‘ she thought, ‘I could; he was always a slave to the plan. I pulled his ass out of danger more than a few times; the man was always in a hurry.’

A shiver ran through her as she remembered the day they had been sent after several ISIS leaders. A damned retrieval that was all they were supposed to do! He’d thought he could nab several of the leaders for information. They had started to make their move when, her damnable tress broke lose again and she stopped to fix it. She had moved her head to the side when she noticed the build up of several containers that weren’t supposed to be there.

Yelling a warning she pulled several grenades, throwing them on the run. Even as the semi-automatic fire started she didn’t stop. She couldn’t, moving ahead for half an hour. Finally stopping she cursed when she saw that he wasn’t behind her. Carefully, knowing she was breaking orders, she crept back to see what was going on. Growling she saw that the ISIS soldiers had someone hung by their arms between 2 poles.

Creeping closer she took stock of everything she had on her. A 9 millimeter half loaded, 5 frag grenades, several of her throwing knifes and her combat knife. Still creeping forward she heard the guards bragging about the capture of the man. Trying to calm herself as she had been taught, she crept closer still, and slit the throat of the guard that turned the corner. Moving a little further, she slit the next one’s throat even as he was fishing his member out to pee.

Finally she was within 20 yards when the man noticed her. Shaking his head and motioning to the building behind him, indicating at least 30 men. Telling her he loved her, he motioned for her to go, telling her good bye. Unable to accept this, she made her way to the building lobbing all 5 of the grenades in the windows. Smiling she listened to the sounds of the men dying in the building before the doors burst open.

Drawing her 9 mm she took out the first few but knew they would get her also. Escaping she made her way to the rendezvous, getting in; the plane took off, no questions. The landing on an abandoned airstrip outside of London, a typical average English foggy day.

Traveling overland in the beat up car they had rented, the woman made her way to the small flat they had shared. Picking up the phone the woman hooked several devices to it and waited.

Ring! Click! “Hello, welcome to Acme warehouse consolidation how may we help you?” Came the sweet voice of a young sounding female.

“Yes I have an order I’d like to place, 1 million square feet needed.” The woman answered still holding her anger in check.

“Alright please hold while I connect you.” Can the perky voice.

There was a series of clicks then came a man’s voice, “What in the hell happened? We sent you in for a simple retrieval! I want you back here.”

“I’m not coming back in you stupid son of a bitch! I’m going after ISIS and I won’t stop ‘til they are all DEAD! You hear me you retarded asshole! You sent us in blind! There was more than twice the number there that should have been.” The woman shouted letting her Pentagon contact have all her anger.

“I admit the information was faulty but...” The man started.

“Faulty! Listen to me ass wipe! I am not coming back, send any after me and you will soon be hurting for agents. Leave me the hell alone.” Here the woman heaved a huge sigh. “I mean it or you will become one of my victims!” Slamming the phone down she figured she had ten minutes before they started to hunt her. Packing everything up, she was gone in three.

Crossing the rooftops of London, she was about ten blocks away when she saw the black cars start to arrive at the building she’d just left. Smirking, she turned her eyes forward; they’d be ahead of her soon, time to take the street. Climbing down she drifted into the crowds of people and vanished.

Two weeks ago

The man was trembling, half of the leaders had been found with their throats cut, heads cleaved almost in half many of those burned almost beyond recognition. Near or on each of them had been the declaration that a holy Jihad had been declared upon ISIS. A blood oath was being exacted for the killing of a holy assassin’s family. The killing would not stop ‘til all of the leaders of ISIS were dead.

Shaking, the man had never seen the extent of the slicing that had taken place on each man. It was something out of the ancient times of the emirs with the death of a thousand cuts. Looking around, the man saw no one and breathed a sigh of relief. He noticed that his vision was blurry, and then his eyes opened wide as a blonde beauty appeared before him.

“I already know where all of them are. I am your and their angel of death, for the death of my family I will exact the blood oath on all of you. By the way asshole, enjoy your death I only cut half your throat.” With the sweetest of smiles the woman spat in the man’s face, then left as the man slowly bled to death.

The woman smiled. That had been most satisfying, one of the more enjoyable deaths she’d done. Crossing the street the woman’s face suddenly got serious, so far she had taken out all of the minor leaders. That one had been the first of the more important leaders. She was heading to another of the more major leader’s house. She had worked all week to get herself installed into the household of the leader. Problem was the leaders were so seldom at their homes.

Knocking at the door she came to, the guard asked her a few questions then nodded and let her in. Her face hidden by the Ghutrah the woman smiled, their own customs were what were getting them killed. Advancing into the house, the woman went to the main room where most of the men were. Good she thought, he’s still here. Getting out of sight she waited. What she had put into they were drinking, should have them going to the bathroom soon.

Almost half an hour later the leader and 2 of his guards arose to head to the back of the house. Turning the woman swiftly secreted herself in the room, and then watched as the man entered leaving the guards outside the door. Moving swiftly the woman had already cut the man’s throat, then for good measure cut the man’s penis off and stuffed it into his dying mouth. Her arm moving at a blinding speed she cut the man as much as she dared before she made her way out of the building.

She’d barely gotten twenty feet away from the place before there were several shouts, then female screams. Smiling the woman thought ‘only a few more now’.

Three weeks ago

The woman had already made her plans to leave England. So far she hadn’t seen any agents but she knew they were there. Ha! Amateurs! She’d have already tracked where she was, made plans, and executed them. These newer agents were slow as shit! Where was the all out man hunt for her? Only ten years before they would have had every damn agent out there looking for her! Pitiful! The entire agency had gone downhill so fast.

Looking out the window she froze as she saw the approach of an odd truck. Tried but true huh? Activating several switches near the door, then the bathroom and bedroom doors she made her way out and up the fire escape tripping a last set as she left. The idiots! She’d warned them, now they would have to deal with the clean up.

She’d just made the roof when she heard the first shouts, then several more. Making the roof next door she was making her way down when the entire apartment exploded. Grabbing a burner cell she dialed a number and waited. In a quiet and calmer voice than she felt she said, “I warned you ass wipe, what you lose twenty, thirty agents? Have fun scraping them off the walls.” Hanging up, she threw the cell in the trash as she made her was to her next safe house.

She was about three blocks away when she saw the surveillance van, then the truck, along with several people roaming around. Ducking into an alley, she applied a skin mask she had for just such an occasion.

Walking by the van she didn’t even stop when she dropped the hand bag she’d been carrying. Moments later there was a huge explosion as the van blew apart. She was beside the truck when two men exited, then suddenly fell to the pavement, each with a hole in his chest.

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