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A story in the A True History Universe
Continuing the award winning series - I recommend reading Books One - Four first, even with the prologue here. There was a rocket, but the occupant wasn't a baby. A young man (Cal) is the sole survivor of his planet, crash landing in Kansas in 1984. Cal is found by a farmer and his daughter, and learns what it is to be a human on Earth. NOTE: Any names and/or other similarities between people, living, dead, or fictional are purely coincidental (maybe). Posts every OTHER Sunday (for now).
Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Science Fiction, Aliens, Alternate Universe, Alternate Timeline, Nanotechnology, Robots, AI, Coming of Age, Romance, Crime, Humor, Politics, Violence, Science, Spiritual, Religion, War, Military, Assassins, Super Hero, Royalty
Age Rating: Older than 17
Concluded: (Added Epilogue (final))