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Top 50 Ongoing Serials, by Rating, in the Last 30 Days


1 Hunter by Lazlo Zalezac

Mike lives through "interesting times" that follow when terrorists bring the 'War On Terror' to the United States. "This was what he was fighting to preserve - mothers taking their children to the park where they could play without fearing for their lives. {[I hate the fact that I can find no way to deal honorably with dishonorable people. I find it disgusting that in order to save what I value most, I must lower myself to their level.]}"

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Near Future, Politics, Violence, War, Military
Downloads: 6049| Votes: 64 | Score: 8.92
Size: 941KB | 176,899 words | Posted: in progress Updated:

2 Star Guardian 4 by Duncan7

A Star Guardian Story (4)
Once again, Brian and crew are back. Fighting injustice, winged creatures and searching for the perfect cup of coffee. Put on your away team uniform and get ready for more adventures.

Age Rating: Older than 7 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Science Fiction, Aliens, Space, Futuristic, Puzzles, Crime, Mystery, Detective, Dragons
Downloads: 24533| Votes: 247 | Score: 8.73
Size: 209KB | 39,127 words | Posted: in progress Updated:
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