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Pasayten Pete
Science Fiction
Graybyrd Pasayten Pete is an obscure north Cascades legend. As a boy growing up in the Methow Valley, Graydon Williams heard tell that Pasayten Pete was a hermit, a lost prospector, or even a creature not-human and not-animal. No one claimed to have seen him or knew anyone who had seen him, but everyone seemed to believe there was something to the legend. Graydon lived the real story.
Tags: Science Fiction, Coming of Age, Violence, Spiritual, Supernatural, Young Adult
Age Rating: Older than 7
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Science Fiction
Vincent Berg An experimental NASA flight goes horribly wrong and the test pilot wakes up unhurt, back home. Struggling to discover what happened, Eric Morgan returns to NASA prepared to face a thousand questions as things continue to unravel. Is he still human or a new species, and what does that mean for those around him? Testifying before a Congressional subcommittee, Eric inspires fear and hope. As the danger mounts, he tries to fall off the grid, but the rest of the world won't let him walk away.
Tags: Science Fiction, Aliens, Space, Science, Spiritual
Age Rating: Older than 13
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319 KB 1578 69 8.67

A Mother's Love
Science Fiction
Pars001 How far would you go for a lost loved one?
Tags: Science Fiction, Time Travel, Alternate Timeline, Violence, Spiritual, Religion, Assassins, Supernatural
Age Rating: Older than 13
7 KB 340 30 8.66