Twinfinity — a series by Christopher Podhola

Twin worlds, Bolimar and Earth, separated by the grey. On Bolimar: Human Prim twins Jo-Laina and Jo-Vanna and natural-born Prim twins Jo-Viel and Jo-Karna, all warriors fighting a horde of invaders. On Earth: Powerful twins Whitney and Tommy Leighton, with powers inherited from their lives on Bolimar and their twin friends Kat and Kam McAllister. Earth didn't know about Bolimar, but that is changing as events on Bolimar start to effect Earth.

1 Twinfinity: Nethermore

Whitney Leighton has a secret. She is both blind and deaf but that's not what ahe's trying to keep hidden. Her secret is that she can both see and hear through her twin brother Tommy. They call it piggybacking because she can shift her consciousness into her brother's mind. Whitney's not the only one with a secret; Tommy has one too and it's Whitney that he's keeping it from. His secret is that Whitney isn't who she's supposed to be.

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Futuristic, Extra Sensory Perception, Fantasy, Magic, Young Adult
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