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Science Fiction Story: A man on a dig in India discovers more than he thought he would

Tags: Science Fiction   Time Travel   Shapeshifters   Extra Sensory Perception   Violence   Religion   Supernatural   Fantasy  

Another story I did for a contest.

I am so screwed, literally. I mean what the fuck was I thinking when I said and did what I did to her? I what- Oh, wait, sorry, you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Let me introduce myself, or should I say, what’s left of me?. I am or rather was Robert Thompson. Just an average guy, I guess.

I wanted to take a break from school, you know, get my hands in there for some practical experience. Plus, the idea that I might discover something that had no one else had excited me to no end. That was when I thought of India. There was only one excavation going on in the whole country. Though, they had seemed far too happy about getting a student who was working on his doctrine.

We had been at it for over a week when several workers that were working beside me got excited. With a loud crash, we broke through an apparent wall beneath the earth. Looking into a rather huge chamber, some twenty-five feet deep, there appeared to be a statue though, as far away as it was, no one was sure.

I leaned in a little further, shouting when the edge of the hole collapsed. I heard the workers yell a moment, then all was eerily quiet. I knew as soon as I hit bottom, hearing the snap, that I had broken my arm, shoulder, or both.

As I started to lose consciousness, I figured I was dead. The pain in my head was the last thing I remember. Losing consciousness, I thought I was dying.

Like I stated, I thought I was dead or going to die. My eyes opened sometime later, a blue light was radiating nearby. Looking up, I met the green eyes of a topless, blue female. What got me the most, besides the fact I was alive, was that she had four arms.

“kisee ke ghutane par girane ka lamba raasta.” The blue-skinned female stated to me. When all I could do was stare at her, confused, she sighed, touching my head. I screamed when it felt like my head was torn open with hot liquid poured in the opening.

I fell against the wall, drawing in deep gasps of breath, the pain slowly, very slowly, starting to ease.

“Son of a bitch that hurt!” I was gasping out, still trying to get my vision and breath back to normal.

“If I am understanding you correctly, there is no reason to be crude.” The female said with a sideways smirk at me.

I turned to look at her with a look of incredulousness. “Really? The amount of pain you just gave me, and you don’t think it was justified? What the hell, lady! If you are a lady.” I snapped at her with a suspicious look.

This time the almost serene look on her face slowly turned into one of anger.

“In case you haven’t noticed, you’re still alive. Another is, you can move without pain. Need I say more?” The blue-skinned woman said a smirk reappearing on her face. Leaning closer, she said softly, “I did save your life, I could have just let you die.”

“So you, what? Want me to kiss your ass? Not about to happen, lady.” I said a little smug, not really noticing that her anger was quickly turning to pure pissed off.

“You have to be the most ungrateful human I have ever met.” She said as a thin smile crossed her lips. “Let’s see if we can change that a bit.”

I was about to speak when she waved her hand and arm in my direction. There was a flash, then I was inside the mouth of a cave. Looking around, I could see that I was near the town I had grown up in.

I started to move forward when I noticed that I wasn’t walking upright. I also noticed that my voice sounded more like a roar, though not like any I had ever heard before.

I took a step out of the cave, finally getting a look at my hands. I didn’t have hands anymore. They were claws, and my skin was scaly.

“What the hell have you done to me, you bitch!” I yelled or rather roared out. What the hell?!

You really need to learn how to talk to a female, as well as a deity. Such a foul mouth, I guess you can exist like that while you think about it. Came her thoughts to me.

I stood stock-still, a deity? There was no such thing, come on I thought, this is just a prank, someone obviously hypnotized me to make me think I am a monster.

You have to be the most obstinate, pig-headed, stubborn, rock headed male I have ever met. Well, not as much as Shiva though you’re awful close. Get to thinking before I really get mad. Came her thoughts again.

Shiva? I thought, wasn’t that the Hindu god of destruction? I tried to shake my head, not realizing it was attached to a long neck.

So, she said she was a deity. If she was a Hindu goddess, she sure wasn’t acting like one. Most of the deities I had studied in India were a hell of a lot more benevolent.

Huh, you’re one to talk acting more like a spoiled child than a grown adult. Oh, look, here comes a welcoming party. Her thoughts stated.

I heard what sounded like a good amount of people approaching where I was. I started to yell to them, realizing too late I was only roaring.

I took a closer look, seeing that more than a few of them were armed. Winchester 30-30’s, twenty gauge shotguns, a Winchester 700, hell some fool had an Uzi!

It was at that moment that I noticed that all the weapons were more or less pointing at me. I took a step back toward the cave, this seemed to enrage them for some reason, go figure.

I roared again toward them, causing almost all of them to stop. I heard what I think was the leader yelling that they needed to kill whatever I was.

I heard a rifle report, feeling a sting on one of my front legs. Then it seemed as if, all hell broke loose, I swear every person there fired at least ten shots.

All I knew was that I was starting to hurt like hell. Falling, I heard the group move closer, firing even more at me. The pain was beginning to climb higher and higher, I screamed out, then was blinded by another flash of light.

My eyes were blinking, trying to adjust to the sudden subdued light.

My body shivered a moment, then I heard movement in front of me.

“So what did you think? How’d it feel to be a dinosaur?” The blue-skinned female said, a questioning look on her face.

“Well,” I started, “other than all the damn pain, it was strange as hell. Why in the hell did you do that to me?”

She shook her head with a sigh, then she said, “I can see that another lesson is needed.”

“Lesson? Just what the fuck am I supposed to be learning?” I cried.

Again a smirk came to her lips. “You’re a smart boy, use that thing on top of your shoulders for more than a hat rack. Bye-bye!” With a flick of her wrist, another blinding light enveloped me.

“Wait,” I was trying to say as the world again went to hell. Opening my eyes, I saw that I was again on all fours. I tried to speak, hearing a whiny come from my throat. The other disturbing thing was that there seemed to be a weight on my back.

“I thought I’d come along this time.” I heard the sexy as hell woman who was sitting on me. “Maybe I can help knock some sense into you.”

I turned my head, looking at the female again. I’ll be damned, I thought, it’s that same crazy-ass bitch!

The female shook her head, then she sighed again. I felt her nudge me with her feet. “Let’s go, you need some time under me to learn about humility, plus how to treat a female.”

What the hell was she talking about, I knew how to treat females. I stayed as fucking far away from them as possible. That was the main reason I like the excavation I was on, all male.

Especially after the last three females I’d been with, had knifed my heart, I really didn’t want to be crushed like that again.

“I don’t think that is a very healthy attitude to have. Could make for a very lonely life.” The female on my back said.

Now I was starting to get pissed, goddess or not, what right did she have to do this to me?

“I have every right, you broke the chamber I have been in for centuries. You are the only one ... never mind you are too much of a senseless prick to do anything that noble.” The female spit out. “I would kill you,” here she sighed again. “Never mind, you prick.”

She then started to nudge me in the side again, urging me to start running. Shit her feet hurt, I also had to wonder why the hell she had a suit on with a skeleton painted on it.

“It’s Halloween, you prick, just be good, and I might reward you. That is if you can hold off the foul comments.” The female said.

We traveled for what seemed hours shocking the hell out of a great many people. After what felt like a whole night, she finally stopped.

“Hmmm, maybe you are starting to learn to keep your mouth shut. This is the longest, I have been in your company without you using crude language. I have to say it has been most pleasant.” The female stated. “I am afraid though that the paint on you is killing you, oh well.”

Here the female waved her arm as I started having trouble breathing. Again there was a blinding flash with both of us appearing back in the chamber.

“For being such a good boy, I think you deserve a reward.” The blue female said as my clothes vanished, then the rest of what little she had on did.

I felt her fumbling with my hard organ holding it up. A moment later, I heard a whoosh of air escape her as she dropped impaling her self. I swear that I was going to melt from the intense heat I felt coming from her sex.

I tried to reach up to grasp the breasts that were dancing in front of me. I was shocked to find, I was frozen to the spot I was laying on. Then, there was the fact that she was as tight as she was, like a virgin.

“Uh, uh, I said you got a reward, one of my choosing.” She said between gasps.

I should have kept my damn mouth shut, me? No, hell no, I was having sex with a gorgeous female, and I still had to fuck that up.

After what seemed like hours of the most intense sex I’d ever had, she screamed out in pleasure, collapsing on my chest. I could feel my self hosing her insides as I had a massive release.

A few moments later, she sat up, looking at me. “Ah! I most definitely needed that. It has been so long.” Looking directly into my eyes, she whispered, “No, I am no virgin.”

I will admit it now, you don’t bitch about having sex, especially one as enthusiastic as she was. You would think my being a smart person, college-educated, that I would know better. Unfortunately, at this point, I was far too bitter to really give a shit.

So, to my shame, I opened my mouth and allowed it to spew the shit I did.

“HA! It WOULD have been enjoyable if you hadn’t frozen me in place. What are you, some sadistic bitch that enjoys torturing men?” I spit out with nothing but venom.

When I saw her face screw up into a mask of rage, I thought I was dead. Then I thought about it, it was better than being tortured to death. Yes, I would welcome a quick death over having to deal with another female intent on giving me nothing but pain.

Even as I completed this thought, her rage grew even more.

“You ungrateful piece of human, shit! If I didn’t need you to ... No, I won’t give you the satisfaction of ANY type!” She shouted at me, climbing off me as if I was dirty and diseased.

“Yeah,” I stated, looking at her hard, “NO satisfaction, that’s what that just was.” I wish now I could have punched my self in the mouth to shut my idiot self up!

With a small growl, she stared at me intensely. Then, it seemed as if an idea came to her as a thin smile crept across her features. It wasn’t ‘til she started to laugh, then an almost evil look came to her eyes, that I got worried.

“Oh, you have no idea about no satisfaction, no way to stop the lust and want, plus no way to end the everlasting want of another, any other, locked away from everything.” Waving her arm, a brilliant flash of light was before me, then I was standing over an almost naked woman in the water off the beach.

To my surprise, I heard the woman start to moan, “oh, Robert, touch me.”

I reached out to touch her only to find that my shadow was in fact all I was. I shook my head as I tried again, then I noticed I couldn’t feel anything that I was touching. That’s when the female in front of me turned over, revealing the same crazy female from the cave.

“Get used to it asshole, after what you said, I should leave you like that for a long time. Let you know what it’s like to be alone with no one to talk to, touch, or compassion. Yes, I should do that to you, especially after you ... no, enjoy, I’ll be back when the insult you gave me wears off.”

With that, she was gone, leaving me standing in the water. No one able to see me, let alone hear me. So here I am, not much of anything. My big mouth, bitterness, and untrusting of females had me reduced to nothing. Well, nothing that anyone else could see.

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